Salesforce and Cisco to partner on Cloud Integration


Last week, Salesforce and Cisco announced that they are planning to work together on a number of platforms including Internet of Things (IoT), Collaboration and Contact Center Integration. This collaboration is expected to hit the global market in the second half of 2017.

Both Cisco and Salesforce will be developing and marketing products that combine Salesforce Sales and Services Cloud with Cisco’s Spark and WebEx. This will facilitate the integration of chat, video and voice features. With this collaboration, customers can easily communicate using chat or video without having the necessity to switch between apps. It can also help Cisco-connected trucks to smoothly pass data to Salesforce Cloud. By combining Cisco’s web-based video and audio technologies with Salesforce cloud technology will enable businesses to easily set up and run fast and effective communication with their customers.

With this integration, instead of ferreting out the phone numbers of customers from emails or directories, salesperson can reach the customer by clicking a contact button enabled in the customer profile and immediately launch a text chat or a video or voice call powered by Cisco. This will save considerable amount of time and enhances productivity of sales reps.

Another interesting point to note is that the combination of Cisco’s Jasper IoT with Salesforce IoT Cloud will give a boost to the Salesforce’s Einstein AI platform. Users will get more visibility on data. Salesforce Services Cloud will integrate with Cisco’s Unified Contact Center Enterprise. To enjoy the fruits of this integration, customers will require both Salesforce license as well as the Cisco Spark or WebEx license.

Author : admin Date : 26 Sep 2016