Salesforce buys Demandware: A big move in Digital Commerce

Salesforce buys Demandware

Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM takes a giant leap- the tycoon buys Demandware for $2.8B, and this move indeed marks the staunch foray of Salesforce into e-commerce. This acquisition is going to revolutionize the business of sales itself.

Demandware is a cloud-based provider of e-commerce services to businesses big and small. This deal will also witness the rise of a new business division called the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of Salesforce remarked in a statement. “With Demandware, Salesforce will be well positioned to deliver the future of commerce as part of our Customer Success Platform and create yet another billion-dollar cloud.”

So, how is this massive deal going to favor Salesforce?

  • This acquisition will extend the types of contracts Salesforce have with existing customers.
  • Salesforce can get a new group of customers to upsell for the other services that it is already offering, (marketing and online analytics to back-office software for sales and IT functions).
  • Salesforce enters into competition with the likes of Shopify, Amazon and the like.
  • Salesforce can provide an “omnicommerce” experience to the users.

Salesforce believes that the new Commerce Cloud will ultimately become an integral part of its Customer Success Platform and is expected to create more opportunities for companies to connect and interact with their customers. Salesforce customers can try their hands on the industry’s leading enterprise cloud commerce platform, while the Demandware customers also will get a chance to leverage multiple leading platforms of Salesforce like sales, marketing, services, communities, and so on. This will help them provide a more comprehensive, personalized customer experience.

Author : admin Date : 22 Jul 2016