– Now Real Time!

Salesforce put its foot forward in the world of real time processing, with the acquisition of the startup DimDim last year, and has not looked back since then.  Salesforce recently announced introduction of Chatter, a social collaboration tool, that is capable of providing real time instant messaging and screen sharing capabilities.

While many businesses use Yahoo Instant Messenger or other enterprise instant messaging software, Chatter wishes to maintain its own identity and stand out as the “real time IM or screen sharing software” that can be used directly from a workflow. This means, that two or more participants, in a Chatter conversation, would be able to know who exactly is online and collaborate quickly and easily over similar topics with one another.

So, what makes Chatter so special, you ask? It’s ability to integrate easily with Salesforce CRM. Large organizations frequently face challenges to filter a stream based on choices. Chatter makes this easier, with filters available that could be applied to streams of conversations based on custom criteria. This criterion could be applied to any object available in the platform. For example, a user may filter a feed for conversations related to sales opportunities. A Manager could also identify conversations from these, which require his inputs and launch real time collaboration for steps forward.

Screen sharing abilities, however, are now limited, and Salesforce is confident that post the project’s initial shakedown period, it will stabilize, and users would get to preview its functionality then. Till then, we’ll just have to wait and watch!

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Author : Team Suyati Date : 21 May 2012