opens Pandora’s ‘Box’

Or maybe not!’s CEO Marc Benioff, has announced the launch of the cloud-based file storage, along with it’s very own social collaboration tool Chatter. has also controversially christened the product as “ChatterBox”, resulting in a wave of speculation, among IT analysts worldwide.

Box, earlier known as, provides online file storage along with cloud content management. continues to partner with Box.

Chatter, already having a customer base across 170,000 networks, paves the way for this enterprise-wide cloud storage service, which would allow storage, sharing and transfer of files in a collaborated environment. Thus, making Chatterbox, a tough competitor to its partner Box. And to DropBox – the leader in this industry., however dismisses this move as just as an “entry to a game” that almost everyone is getting into. And they may not be entirely wrong as well, when companies such as Yammer, SocialCast are continuously innovating in order to extend storage platforms to existing social platforms as well.

Once it is launched in 2013, Chatterbox will also integrate voice services along with an instant messaging service, screensharing options etc. There seems to be no information shared on its pricing, but given that faces a lot of competition from DropBox, SugarSync and related companies, it could master this domain of online file sharing and collaboration, through its usability and pricing features. We’ll wait and watch!

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Author : admin Date : 27 Sep 2012