SalesForce CRM Solution: A Force to be Reckoned With

crm watchlistWhen the winners of the CRM Watchlist 2015 were announced in January 2015, there were not many who were surprised that SalesForce had made it to the list again. In fact, it was once again a part of the “Elite” group, which is an indicator of the kind of worldwide impact it has achieved. It’s worth mentioning here that in 2014, SalesForce was not just an Elite, but was also announced as having the highest ever score in the history of the Watchlist.

SalesForce CRM has definitely achieved what many bigger companies have not. It has won mindshare in a big way, which means that it has pervaded our minds to such an extent that CRM and SalesForce have become interchangeable terms for many. Did you ever wonder about how the organization got here, and what all they must be doing right? Let’s take a look at what makes SalesForce tick:

Strong leadership: Marc Benioff, the CEO of SalesForce, is a big part of the identity of the company. It is his forward-thinking strategies and good marketing skills that have made SalesForce a well-known brand worldwide. His whole-hearted approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility shows in the 1/1/1 program of the SalesForce Foundation. This program directs that the organization completely compensate employees for the hours spent on community work and good causes. This is not a fact to be taken for granted, as most companies do not follow this practice and only claim to be encouraging CSR, while expecting employees to put in their own time towards it.

Customer engagement: They know what the customer needs, and they strive to provide it seamlessly. It starts right at the top with Marc Benioff, who believes that the CEO has to own the relationship with the customer. Strategies for customer engagement are not just an effort by the service and marketing teams, but are in line with the long-term plan of the organization. Their “Customer Connect” initiative co-creates products with customer inputs, and is a great way to get to know the pulse of their targeted consumer. They are not just the creators of the Social CRM solution, but efficient users of the same too, which provides another channel to understand their customers better.

Commitment to vision: SalesForce has always tried to have a complete view of the customer’s needs, and their aim for the future is to provide a platform for all apps related to the business. They are focused on the idea that all business actions need to take place within a network, which must be available anywhere and anytime. Due to this strategy, they have been game-changers in the marketplace with being able to suggest many innovations and new approaches. This also indirectly helps them predict the direction and future needs of the market and their customers.

Promotion of Customer Service: The myriad features provided by SalesForce combined with its ease of use are invaluable for organizations in improving the customer experience. Starting from how customer information is displayed, to the resources that are accessible to the customers for knowledge gathering and troubleshooting, SalesForce can change a lot in the customer facing scenarios. The additional advantages provided by its social CRM solution could also be a contributor here.

Clear plan for scaling: It is important to plan for success, as this also leads to a significant increase in the number of customers you might need to serve. The subscription-based services approach of SalesForce could be a big reason for them to carry off any scaling requirements with ease. Working with a long-term aim also means that scaling has always been a factor in their plans, and never takes the organization by surprise.

SalesForce’s strategies have definitely paid off, and customers have gained a lot of confidence in them due to their consistent methods leading to quantified results. With a clear vision for the future, and their execution taking the changing business scenarios into account, they just need to have an ear to the ground to stay consistent with their great performance.

They are at the top, and it seems like they are going to stay there. They have created such a strong recall value for their brand that many businesses opt for SalesForce without even seriously considering other options! If SalesForce continues doing things right and learning and growing in the way they have been, they are sure to stay ahead in the race for a long time to come.

Author : Aparna George Date : 25 Mar 2015