Salesforce Engagement Studio for Designing Perfect B2B Buyer Journeys

Salesforce Engagement Studio

B2B marketing has developed manifold over the recent years. The latest word on B2B marketing is that, in 2016 the focus will be on lead generation (over 80% of B2B marketers emphasize that generation of leads is the most important motive for content marketing).

However, to shift from development to evolution in the field of B2B marketing, needs a change in the way we look at measuring, building, testing and visualizing the purchasers’ journey. Moreover, as marketing and sales team use contrasting technologies to interact with the company, there needs to be a uniformity between them.

The primal need for B2B marketing is to construct unified experiences on platform which can be easily used by both the sales and marketing teams. Keeping this in mind, Salesforce introduced Engagement Studio. It is a singular platform where purchaser’s needs and B2B marketers’ goals are brought together to be in sync with each other.

At the most basic level, the Engagement Studio is equivalent to Central Processing Unit of the marketing team. It handles the interaction of company with customers. With Engagement Studio, there is a single dashboard that caters to all the stages involved in a buyers’ journey. The first stage of touch-point which can be converted into a lead, followed by gestation, purchase and finally reporting of marketing ROI. This initiative by Salesforce can definitely bring together marketing and sales efforts to sell smart.

To ensure that the studio caters to the needs of companies well, Salesforce tested this application by involving over 200 clients. With Studio, Salesforce successfully supplemented this demand by the clients to construct B2B journeys within minutes.


Here are the main features of Engagement Studio:


  1. Build campaigns like a Pro!

When people ramble through an online store, they are looking for the brand which can stimulate them enough to make them purchase. With Engagement Studio, this is possible by using automatic actions, rules and triggers. These are governed by customer data collected within Salesforce.

Automated programs can be constructed that would guide the purchasers through their journey smoothly. Engagement Studio also permits marketers to create complex and multi-way journeys by including simple questions at each stage. Once the program is ready, it can stand as a template for later programs. Engagement Studio creates a singular platform for dealing with all the marketing tasks (from landing site to mail template) efficiently.


  1. Gain insights into and share campaign progress

Engagement Studio eliminates the need to bounce between screens to apply the insights from previous marketing history to the present programs. The success metrics are embedded directly on the purchasers’ journey maps. This permits the marketers to immediately recognize the regions where potential buyers lose interest and leave, in turn allowing positive changes in the program as a whole.


  1. Visualize and test purchasers’ experience

Once the buyer journey has been designed, it can be put to test in order to discover potential issues that can come up. This can be done through beta versions that run through the journey and expose any loopholes.


Moving a step forward to make Engagement Studio as a holistic center for B2B marketing, Salesforce has tuned the studio with Salesforce Engage. This is an add-on which creates avenues for linking up with prospects sooner, thus increasing the chances of closing deals smoothly.

Both the Studio with its add-on Engage are in sync with Salesforce Sales Cloud, allowing complete use of the customer data. Such connectivity allows sales representatives to identify opportunities when the prospects exhibit purchase tendencies and to reach out to them. With cloud, the sales representatives can access customer data instantly wherever they are.

By bringing together the tools of sales and marketing, Engagement Studio reaps great benefits for companies. Salesforce Pardot 2015 Customer Relationship Survey reveals that Pardot customers have encountered over 30% increase in their marketing ROI.


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Author : Sahana Rajan Date : 03 Aug 2016