Salesforce Lead Analytics Tool – Salesforce’s new integration with Facebook

salesforce integration with facebook

Salesforce announced the release of their new analytics product – Salesforce Lead Analytics which aims to help B2B marketers measure the performance of their Facebook Ad campaigns. The B2B marketers now will have a superior visibility of prospects, as to whether they have turned to an active opportunity. This is definitely an advantage as previously, capturing customer information was limited up to the form fill.

With Salesforce Analytics tool, B2B marketers will now have the following advantages 

  • Broad spectrum view from initial engagement of a customer to the closing of a deal.
  • Ad performance can be measured by comparing engagement statistics from Facebook, Instagram and the Facebook Audience Network against key automation metrics through the entire sales cycle. Marketers can now see which messaging campaign resulted in a higher lead score.
  • Visibility of different Facebook ads give scope to compare performance, and understand what kind of campaign was more effective.

With these advantages, marketers can now direct their budgets on Facebook ads that actually worked, and thus get a better ROI on what is spent.

“The Facebook lead ads API helps businesses grow by allowing them to form more meaningful relationships with business decision-makers,” said Louis Moynihan, MarTech Partnerships Lead at Facebook. “A solution like Salesforce Lead Analytics for Facebook is a great tool that leverages the power of our API to help B2B marketers better understand how their campaigns drive leads, opportunities and ultimately business outcomes.”

With the vast amount of daily active users on Facebook, the Sales Lead Analytics tool is definitely a boon for B2B marketers. Salesforce has confirmed the integration to be available for new and existing Salesforce Pardot and Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio Enterprise Edition customers.

To know more about Salesforce Analytics tool, please click here.

Author : Preetha Tojy Date : 29 Oct 2017