Salesforce releases the Quip Connect app

Salesforce Releases the Quip Connect App

Quip, the productivity firm acquired by Salesforce last year is announcing a stream of integrations that will strengthen data connection. Quip is also trying to bring up new features to improve task management. Now, Salesforce is launching the Quip Connect app for Sales and Service Clouds. The Quip Connect app will be available in AppExchange from February 13. Last October, Quip released a Salesforce single sign-on feature, which infused the ability to embed live data from the CRM right into the documents. This allows sales personnel to keep their monthly report up to date, when generated through Quip.

The new Quip Connect app will further strengthen this feature by allowing users to export reports from Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. It also produces Quip powered documents within the CRM natively. With a series of integrations along with the Quip Connect app, Quip is becoming the tangible productivity tool of Salesforce.

Bret Taylor, CEO of Quip states that, “Our vision is that any time you need collaboration or spreadsheet, it’s going to be available with Quip.” He also reveals that the aim is to encourage users to give up Office 365, Google docs, and other similar tools. The increasing number of Salesforce users confer a competitive advantage for Quip.

Advanced task management with Quip

Quip aims at formalizing task management by releasing a set of tools that supports users in list-making. With Quip, users can avoid depending on tools like Microsoft Project, Asana etc. Quip offers more freedom with its lightweight nature and adds more power to task management. Quip cannot completely replace services like JIRA, but it can be an effective tool for fulfilling project management needs. Taylor mentions that Salesforce used the Quip app to organize and track its largest cloud event Dreamforce ’16.

Quip gets smarter

Apart from the many cool features that Quip offers, the company has employed the power of machine learning as well to make the app even smarter. For example, when you hover the mouse over a table, it will display options to sort, check or uncheck boxes. Depending on the nature of the function that you perform, Quip smartly surfaces the tools that assist your current task. This improves the overall user experience. The Quip sidebar has also been redesigned so that you do not have to go back to the main page to access other documents or spreadsheets. The left sidebar easily gives you access to all the other docs, sheets or team contacts that you require.

By offering the appropriate tools that Salesforce users need, Quip is becoming more “discoverable, cleaner, and modern.”

Author : Bhuvana Date : 09 Feb 2017