Salesforce Advantage for SMBs: Keynote Extracts

Lightning, Einstein, Wave and more! More about Salesforce for SMBsThe second day of Dreamforce 2016 witnessed even more frolic events and enthusiastic sessions from speakers across globe.Here, we are presenting the major extracts from Jamie Domenici’s Keynote on Salesforce for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) .

About Jamie: Jamie Domenici currently works as the Vice President, Product Marketing at Salesforce. She is also the VP of Small Business Marketing at Salesforce.

She began addressing the audience by narrating her first job experience as a sales rep in a fine jewelry store. She told that previously her company maintained a book (register) where all their customer, product as well as employee details were stored. The concept of maintaining book was working well when her company was small. But, things changed when the business took off and it became extremely difficult to handle the massive amount of growing data. To help the company to scale, they started using Salesforce CRM. She says that life became much easier with Salesforce. Just like how the jewelry store grew to become a well-established business, Salesforce is considerably helping small and medium businesses to grow at a large scale.

Salesforce has been helping small business since 1999. It is empowering sales reps to improve their personal connection with their customers. Small businesses using with Salesforce include 150000+ customers, including some big names like Casper, Strava, Yeti, Mintigo and so on. Salesforce helps customers get answers related to their business, and gives the ability to forecast, predict and understand what is going on, so that they can make appropriate decisions. Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM. It can integrate thousands of app seamlessly and is easy to customize because of its “no code, low code” nature. Salesforce scales with you. It is a platform that undergoes constant innovation.

Salesforce for small business: 3 key areas supported by Salesforce 

  • Sales: Accelerate productivity with connected sales
  • Service: Support on any channel with connected service
  • Marketing: Engage at the right time with connected marketing


Previously Sales reps did not have time to focus on the customer because 61% of reps’ time is spent on administrative burdens. To reduce the effort, Salesforce helps in maximizing the selling time using these two ways:

  • SalesforceIQ CRM: This is an out-of-the-box CRM app that enhances Relationship Intelligence for fast growing companies.
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud: World’s #1 Sales app which is also a complete, customizable CRM that scales with every part of your business.

There are new Lightning features for boosting small business productivity from Salesforce which include Path, Lighting Voice, Kanban, Global Actions, Calendar All. In the past one year, around 500 new features got added to the Lightning platform.

Matthew Reintjes, President and CEO of YETI (outdoor lifestyle brand) shared his experience of how their business scaled with Salesforce and how it helped them become successful.

In DF16, Salesforce introduced Salesforce Einstein, the AI in the Salesforce platform which makes Salesforce the world’s smartest CRM platform. Einstein is everyone’s data scientist. AI is part of everything you do and brings information from everywhere to the Salesforce platform. Data scientist can use algorithms to identify right the right leads that your reps need to talk to.

Anna Rosenman (Senior Director, Product Marketing) and Hana Mandapat (Director, Product Marketing, demonstrated how to use Sales cloud and Service Cloud with the Einstein Feature.


Jamie mentioned that 65% of small business revenue comes from existing customers.

To deliver smarter service, there are two techniques:

  • com: An out-of-the-box support App, that provides all-in-one support for fast growing companies.
  • Service Cloud: World’s #1 customer service platform, that offers conversational service on any channel and any device.

Salesforce is launching a conversational services called Service Cloud Live Messaging that seamlessly engage in conversations with your customers on any messaging platform like Text/ SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat and others. This is an instant customer service.

Philip Krim, Co-founder & CEO of Casper (universally comfortable mattress which has around $100 million sale in 1 year) also shared his experience with Salesforce.


Small businesses win with the help of connected marketing. Around 63% of small businesses are outgrowing their competitors with the power of marketing automation. Following are the two big marketing automation tools in Salesforce:

  • Pardot: A B2B Marketing automation built into the salesforce platform, that helps you build quality pipeline.
  • Salesforce Engage: Marketing automation for sales to nurture deals to close. It is a connected solution for marketing and sales.

Now salesforce is also introducing Wave for B2B Marketing. You can supercharge your marketing and sales performance with advanced analytics using Wave Analytics platform. For example, it helps you identify which Leads are the best and which are the worst. Wave brings analytics to marketing.

  • Helps us understand marketing’s impact on revenue
  • Explore your data yourself
  • Act quickly on your insights

To know more about the Wave Analytics platform, download our free white paper.

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Author : Roshni C Rahul Date : 07 Oct 2016