Salesforce Spring '13 Release Developer Preview Webinar

Sharing our experience and some wonderfully exhilarating moments…

Spring'13 Release Developer Preview

Suyati Technologies has a wonderful team of Salesforce professionals who continuously experiment with novel technology and techniques in Salesforce and provide clients with innovative technical solutions. At the same time, we are a bunch of people who love to have fun and get the lead on latest techie stuff while we are at it.

It is even more wonderful to realize that both the community and Evangelists from Salesforce are people who like having fun and learning. This amazing culture of sharing knowledge and holding discussions helps us bond while we explore and leverage technology to best use. This makes us love Salesforce Technology and Salesforce enthusiasts around the globe very much.

Our team (@carunchandran, @deepak_kanand, @abhisheksubbu) attended the most awaited event of the season, Salesforce Spring ’13 Release Developer Preview Webinar, amidst much excitement and expectation.

Salesforce Spring '13

We were thrilled to be interacting with, Patt Patterson (Principal Developer Evangelist, Salesforce), Samantha Ready (Developer Evangelist, Salesforce), and Lauren Grau (Developer Relations Manager, Salesforce), who conducted the webinar around three time slots (8:30 pm IST, 11:30pm IST and 1:30am IST the next day). The webinar focused on areas like Tooling API, Connect in Apex, Canvas Updates and Connected Apps backed up by some interesting demonstrations that showcased and highlighted the capabilities of these features and how these features can be put together for automating processes in any organization. I would use the phrase “What a wonderful treat for developers”, to describe this uniquely wonderful experience that we shared!

Salesforce Spring '13

We were delighted by the excitement that Lauren Grau expressed while welcoming us to the webinar.

Patt and Sam (speakers for the webinar) were interested in most of the questions posed by our team. Our team has been actively conducting research on Canvas, Connected Apps, and productization of Salesforce AppExchange. This had us throwing out different questions that thrilled the speakers as it gave them the opportunity to further enhance the scope of the discussion making the interaction extremely informative and worthwhile. Patt specially mentioned that these questions were one of the best FAQ’s of the webinar. Again smiling faces at our end.

Our team of developers (@deepak_kanand and @abhisheksubbu) attended the most thrilling part of the webinar called the “Spring ’13 Cloud Trivia”. We saw the developer community answering questions posed by Salesforce at lightning speed. And phew, we packed in some punches too! It was our answer that proved to be correct to the last question posted on Face Book, from amongst all the answers from the entire Global community. Today, the results were announced and @abhisheksubbu’s heart just stopped for a moment. We just won the Cloud Trivia!

Salesforce Spring '13

Please see the blog post announcing the winners of the Spring ’13 Cloud Trivia

We wholeheartedly thank Salesforce for organizing such a wonderful webinar session that provided much learning, information and insights, on the prospects of cloud technology with respect to Salesforce in the future.

Well, the excitement doesn’t end here for us! We are highly enthused to do even more research on Salesforce technologies and communities, which translates into our ability to provide our customers the best of Salesforce, which will help them in increasing ROI and stay ahead in Cloud Computing.




Author : Abhishek Subramanian Date : 31 Jan 2013