Salesforce’s core software tools to be available in AWS starting this 2017


Starting from 2017, some of the core Salesforce software will be made available in Amazon’s public cloud. Salesforce made this announcement on Friday, 2nd of December, mentioning that initially this move will be implemented in Canada by mid-2017.  In the coming years, this offer will be extended to other countries as well. For the first time in history, Salesforce is making its core SaaS tools accessible via a public cloud computing platform, rather than its own data centers. Heroku and Salesforce IQ are already using AWS cloud.

Salesforce will be integrated with a set of Amazon tools and services which also includes AppStream 2.0. AppStream is a service that facilitates users to stream desktop apps from AWS to any device through a web browser. Salesforce IoT will be combined with AWS IoT, which will apparently link device data with customer data. This empowers businesses to understand the customer behavior on smartphones and other connected devices in real-time, and in turn helps them to plan their services. Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa’s voice recognition capabilities will be linked with Salesforce software. Salesforce expects that its annual revenue will touch $10 billion by January 2018. The competition is getting tougher for Salesforce and market watchers believe that Salesforce will drive its growth by jumping on to Amazon’s data center network which has a customer base in more than 14 geographies.   

For a while, Salesforce has been adopting a new approach to moving away from Salesforce’s owned data centers. With the new alliance, Salesforce’s global footprint will expand since AWS already has a wide reach across the globe. Researchers even predict that eventually, Salesforce will move more businesses to AWS in the future.

According to 451 Research, only 45% of business applications are set to run in the non-cloud environment in 2017. In 2015, it was 63%. This shows the increasing demand for cloud. The partnership with AWS is a strategic leap for Salesforce to meet the growing global and regional customer demands.

Author : Bhuvana Date : 05 Dec 2016