Service Cloud: Forrester Leader in Customer Service Solution

Service CloudCustomer has always been King, and businesses that have set their goals around this mantra have only flourished – be it online or offline. Regardless of how times have changed, customers have always preferred brands that offer them the best experience, or, according to this year’s Forrester Wave report, companies that “win, serve, and retain customers focus on delivering the tenets of great experiences: ease, effectiveness, and emotion.”  This report declared SalesForce Service Cloud a leader in Enterprise Customer Service Solutions.

The report states that “intelligence takes center stage” and simplifying the ecosystem through cross-category acquisitions is the new method being tried out by vendors. This makes customer service technologies “simpler, smarter and pre-packaged”, allowing enterprises to offer unique services.

The recognition has been given to Service Cloud based on a set of 35 evaluation criteria, which was developed after careful perusal of past research, surveys and feedback from customer service professionals and vendors. This helped form a group of three high-level categories based on the different capabilities:

  • “Current offering, which includes customer input about the success they have in using each solution
  • Strategy, which looks at the strength of a vendor’s product vision, supporting service, and third-party ecosystem, among other factors
  • Market presence, which counts the live installations and number of users”

Service Cloud received the highest possible score of 5.0 in these different categories:

  1. Reference customer assessment criterion.
  2. Number of users (customer service agents)
  3. Product vision criterion
  4. Strategy category

All these have been a direct result of their customer-centric approach that have transformed the way businesses deliver customer service, empowers faster and smarter work, and their commitment to innovation. These features are also what set Service Cloud apart from their competitors.

Forrester cited Service Cloud for “its compelling vision, storytelling art, and ability to transform operations with a combination of product and strategic consulting resources.”

According to Service Cloud, while they’re elated to have been named a Leader, they plan to keep going, incorporating “new features including LiveMessage, Service Wave Analytics, and Einstein AI-enabled connected service.”

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Author : Bhavya Venugopal Date : 17 Aug 2017