Why Sitecore’s Digital Experience Platform is what you need to boost your ROI

Digital disruption is part of the competitive landscape for the growth of most organizations today. This essentially means that companies have to be on their toes about adopting the latest business models in terms of implementing newer systems of digital transformation. Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) have become an essential part of a great customer experience. In fact, according to a customer intelligence consulting firm in the US called Walker, by the year 2020, customer experience will surpass price and product as the most important brand differentiator. The study found that changes such as the explosion of digital, the empowered customer, as well as the acceleration of innovation will have major impact on customer expectations.

There are three key areas where DXPs can make a significant difference to a company’s bottom-line:

  • It can harness the power of an organization’s innovation and ensure happy customers – with differentiators for products and services. This can be from omni-channel interaction to the ability to track, measure and analyze how to work on your customer engagement. With the growth of Internet of Things (IoT) and access to additional channels of customer data, newer insights can help enhance the ability of a DXP.
  • It can provide each and every one of your buyers with an individualized buying experience, irrespective of numbers. This means the ability to interact with a customer at every stage. Identifying immediate needs of a customer based on sophisticated data mining helps a company work off organized strategy than incomplete information.
  • This customized experience may be delivered across channels of contact seamlessly. To be able to do so, incorporating integration and working with flexible architecture to stay on top of the latest DXP trends is essential. Being able to integrate with external products rather than a single vendor lock-in will give a company better flexibility to get on top of digital trends and stay relevant.

A great digital experience not only provides a company with a product/service differentiator by drives engagement based on a central linchpin – customer data. The question then is not whether you need to create these digital experiences but, how best to create them. Let’s take a look at how Sitecore, especially after the release of Sitecore 9, is now ruling the roost on DXPs.

Integrating Commerce and Content for Better Engagement: A Mckinsey research reveals that two-thirds of the decisions customers make depend on the quality of their experiences along their journey.

Sitecore Experience Platform XP brings together content, commerce, contextual intelligence and business tools into a single view, ensuring that even with a movement across channels, the interaction experience remains the same, so as not to throw off a consumer and have them lose interest.

Sitecore Works as an Omni-channel Campaign Manager: According to Google, about 85% of online shoppers start a purchase on one device and finish on another. This makes it essential for online retailers to adapt to this trend ensure that their online experience is as integrated and user-friendly as possible. Omni-channel marketing then becomes very important.

Sitecore campaign acts as a single point for omni-channel marketing. It helps you take charge of campaigns that may not originate on your site. This means that once customers reach you, you can determine how to interact with them. Every customer interaction may be recorded. A customer’s purchase journey will be noted to create profiles that can help you push targeted information to them. Each campaign you run can be brought up for analyses based on specific codes assigned. You can also check how many conversions and sales may be attributed to specific campaigns. Real time reports will help you understand how you are functioning.

Convert More Email Leads: A good email marketing campaign can have an ROI of 4300% says this in-depth article on BBDirect.

However, to produce spectacular results, you should use an email marketing platform, which is integrated with your CMS and customer database. Having all your data in one place can give you better reference power. It can help with behavior tracking. All the updates you get are in real time. Segmented targeting of campaigns as well as personalization of experiences are a possibility. And of course the ROI from all this is high.

Sitecore helps create a profile for a prospective customer by consolidating all his interactions under this contact information, right from first connect. It provides for an intuitive email campaign creator that allows you a drag and drop feature to create campaigns. Sitecore’s email connect to the DXP ensures that a completely automated digital experience is had across all channels of email.

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Sitecore Mobile Goes Beyond Responsive Websites: Most organizations have a website that is mobile-friendly as well. But just that alone does not tell you where the person is located and how they have interacted with your brand earlier. Sitecore Mobile starts off from where the consumer got off during his previous interaction, irrespective of the device. This enables the company to provide specific messages based on geo-location and identification of the customer.

Blending Commerce with Content – The Need of the Hour:  Statistically speaking, content marketing can increase your conversion rate to almost six times. The average conversion rate of sites with content marketing is 2.9%, compared to the average of sites without a content strategy, 0.5%.

Now with this in mind, Sitecore Experience Platform XP helps a consumer go from the content section of your site to the store seamlessly. You can even add a sales functionality right in the middle of your company blog or content segment. The Sitecore platform allows you to sell from any medium. It also lets you personalize your customer experience by showing them ranges in products they are most likely to buy, cross selling and upselling as well.

Upgrading to a modern DXP enhances growth and sales, while displaying a marked improvement in customer experience and recall factor. Sitecore’s Experience Platform serves as a great digital marketing solution.

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Author : Ruth Date : 23 Jul 2018