The integration of Sitecore’s content management capabilities with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a momentous step in bringing all the factors necessary to achieve a holistic and personalized customer experience under Salesforce’s centralized hub. When the industry’s best content management solution joins hands with the industry’s best digital marketing cloud, the results cannot be less than spectacular.

As reiterated by Ryan Donovan of Sitecore at a CMS-connected interview, speed and precision are of prime importance in delivering customer satisfaction. By bringing the content management capabilities and experience platforms of Sitecore under a centralized marketing hub of Salesforce, the path is cleared of common barriers and raises the bar of customer satisfaction to a new level. 

What does the Sitecore Connector achieve?

  1. Be content-ready in a jiffy

Content is the core of all customer experiences. Sitecore’s experience manager is a leading CMS. Sitecore managed assets are readily available for Salesforce marketers to use. Marketers can now manage and edit content that is relevant to social media. There’s complete ease of delivering content in multiple languages across all platforms and devices. It also means that personalized marketing campaigns can be created and delivered at scale.

  1. Seamless content sharing

Mundane tasks of marketing teams like figuring out where to store their content are a thing of the past now with technologies of Sitecore and Salesforce coming together. Content sharing is a seamless process, and so is data synchronization. Duplication of entries, the bane of marketers, is eliminated. Also, the Sitecore form data is automatically available on the Salesforce marketing platform saving precious time and effort otherwise required to collate the data.

  1. Curated marketing campaigns

The coming together of Sitecore and Salesforce platforms adds many layers of customer information. Sitecore Connect teams up with Salesforce’s Journey Builder and Email Studio to build comprehensive campaigns. The unified data can be utilized to target the right audience and create marketing campaigns that are tailor-made and personalized at scale.  Not just that, the content can be delivered through the right channels, resulting in higher conversion rates than ever before.

  1. Streamline marketing solutions

As Donovan states, the Sitecore Connector streamlines the workflow for the marketing teams. Time to market is a crucial factor in delivering personalized content to customers across all channels and devices, and to be able to leverage the results in real-time to improve their experience. The Connector achieves this for Salesforce marketers. Since the solution is jointly developed and tested by both teams, the customers are also assured of quality and reliability. Also, the integration of Sitecore Connect simplifies marketing operations, improving the cost of ownership.

  1. Leveraging the AI

In an increasingly mobile world, improving customer engagement and meeting their expectations would mean marketers would heavily depend on artificial intelligence to make sense out of the voluminous omnichannel digital data. A centralized marketing hub enables marketers to connect the various aspects of the customer’s journey to get a holistic view of their needs and expectations. They can now take the help of the AI analysis to create, refine and as well as adjust their marketing campaigns in real-time, based on data from individual channels. The journey from spotting a potential lead to catering to a loyal and satisfied customer becomes shorter and simpler.

  1. Out-of-box solutions possible

Marketers can benefit from using Sitecore’s improved page-building techniques along with the latest web tools that can aid in building a robust customer profile. The combined tools can identify changing trends and map the entire journey to give a bird’s eye view. This data can be leveraged by marketers to arrive at out-of-box solutions to achieve an end-to-end personalized purchasing journey.

  1. Increased efficiency for marketers

Time is a precious resource none can waste. This cannot be truer for marketers who work within strict timelines to deliver content with precision and speed. With the Sitecore’s Connector, there’s absolutely no need for the marketing teams to have a working knowledge of both the platforms or to constantly switch between toolsets to collate data. The easy access to content and images within the marketing hub saves precious hours for a marketer each week.

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17 Apr 2019
Author : Uma Chellappa