Slack collaboration tool releases its first AI-based search feature

Slack's AI-based search feature

Slack, the workplace collaboration platform is launching its first AI-based search feature. The release has been confirmed by Slack’s SLI (Search Learning & Intelligence) group. The SLI group was formed a year ago with the mission to develop an intelligent layer on top of Slack powered by search and machine learning. The new search feature is essentially an Artificial Intelligence based search functionality that enables users to identify the people who have expertise on a given topic. In simple terms, Slack’s new AI-powered search feature will help you find out the right person who has the authority on a given subject.

The advantage- you will get the better inputs or insights that pave the way for faster decision-making. AI-based search feature will show you the most relevant channels related to your topic and the subject matter experts on that topic and the channels through which you can reach them.


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Moreover, Slack experts say that you do not require a dedicated team or admins to utilize/ manage this feature. Search Slack in the normal way and you will get a new section named “People & Channels” that appears on top of the search results. From this section, you can select the result(s) that you require. Remember, Slack’s new feature is applicable only to those who are part of any of Slack’s paid plans. Explore this new feature today, discover and connect with the right SMEs.

Author : Bhuvana Date : 04 May 2017