Slack integrates with Salesforce – bags global enterprise attention

Slack integrates with Salesforce

Slack, the workplace messaging and productivity app announced this week that it is soon going to integrate with Salesforce CRM. This integration makes it easy to search for the data stored in Salesforce directly from Slack. Users can also push details (like lead info) from Salesforce straight away into Slack. The integration, as mentioned by Slack is expected to become live in October and will help Slack in targeting the enterprise giants. The collaboration has been heavily spurred by customer interest. Salesforce was the most demanded integration among Slack users.

With this integration, the mutual customers of Salesforce and Slack will be able to search Salesforce data using a command line provided within Slack chat window. Users will have options to click and find out the account details of a contact. The Salesforce users can create a new Slack channel without having the necessity to leave Salesforce. Moreover, Slack also mutually updates Salesforce’s own chat tool known as Chatter.

This summer, we have witnessed the acquisition stride of Salesforce which includes giants like Quip, Demandware, and BeyondCore. Salesforce also unveiled its Artificial Intelligence Platform- Salesforce Einstein. The Salesforce-Slack collaboration is also looking at establishing integrations with the products acquired by Salesforce like SalesforceIQ and Quip. By partnering with Salesforce, Slack is bagging a golden chance to present itself to a much wider and new customer base.

Author : Bhuvana Date : 29 Sep 2016