Smartphone Apps benefiting senior citizens as well

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It is not only the younger generation but also our senior citizens who are benefiting from Smartphone apps. There are several categories of applications that both the young and old are interested in.

Apps with news feeds integrated into them are of interest for senior citizens as they get live hourly updates of what is happening in and around them as well as the rest of the world. Such apps even provide options for downloading content to be read offline.

Larger font and magnifying apps:

Apps that offer customised email and messaging options where text is sized right for convenient and easy reading, are a worthy class of apps that deserve an applause.

Social Networking Apps:

Post retirement is definitely the time to socialise. Apps for Facebook connectivity as well as for other social networks provide fun ways to resume/continue with old ties.

Locality based search apps:

To avoid trouble going around in the city searching for a good restaurant or movie theater, search apps that list popular businesses and entertainment venues in town help a lot.

Weather Apps:

Getting live updates of the local weather on mobile phones, helps serve the perfect warning for possible dire conditions.

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Author : Shweta Vijaykumar Date : 19 Oct 2012