Social Selling Platform

Social selling platform is used for effectively leveraging the strength of enterprise relationships and managing them in a practical way that brings results. Social media provides great opportunity for the people who are interested in marketing. One of the great things about social media is that buyers are far more open about their intentions when they are posting comments on forums, asking their followers on Twitter and updating their status on LinkedIn. Social Selling platforms are actually aiming at these people.

Social media concept

SF as Social Selling Platform

The platform, discovers how to use the power of social selling to influence sales performance. Here’s a brief overview of how is doing social selling.

  • Make extensive use of Facebook and Twitter to see what the customers and prospects are saying and to find those looking for customer service and sales help.
  • Runs its own Social Media Command Center. It continuously monitors what people are saying about the brand with comments, and route to other colleagues for follow up.
  • Tie what you learn into our Sales Cloud CRM. This supports a social customer profile, allowing us to capture Twitter handles, tweets, LinkedIn profile picture and details of customers that a user is connected to and anything that’s public on Facebook.
  • This gives us a single, multi-dimensional view of the customer that’s available to anyone involved in sales.
  • When an opportunity is identified, Chatter, the employee social network, is used to marshal resources and keep everyone up to date.

Collaborative Selling by using

Collaborative sales of many people with different roles are very easy to manage in It means people can work together more effectively, bringing their unique skills and knowledge to bear on making the sale. They can even ‘socialize’ the opportunity, so everyone who follows it will get instant status updates to their desktop. The 3 key tools that are using for collaborative selling in are:

  • Social CRM – such as the social connectors for your own Sales Cloud, helping people get through to the right person (armed with the right information)
  • Social Monitoring – to keep an eye on all relevant social activities.
  • Social collaboration tools – tools like Chatter let everyone contribute to a sale.

How Chatter Performs Social Selling
Chatter makes social selling easier than ever before. It‘s built from the ground up to help you collaborate with colleagues and build actionable social profiles of your customers. With Chatter you can:
Gather insights from people, groups, and business records in the real-time feed

  • Find expertise within your own company
  • Create groups to collaborate on sales opportunities
  • Publish status updates so your colleagues know what you’re up working on (and what they could help with)
  • Share critical documents quickly and easily

Simply, Chatter offers an entirely new way for your people to work together to help salespeople sell.

If someone is interested in sales and marketing, this is the time to look more closely at the opportunities in the Social Selling Platform like There has never been a better time to embrace these tools to find new customers, craft pitches that meet their specific needs and bring the right people together to make the sale.

Author : Dimna Sunny Date : 09 Dec 2013