Staying on top in today’s cloud environment

Microsoft’s recent study reveals that by 2015, nearly 14 million new jobs will be created worldwide due to increasing adoption of cloud computing! While this promises a stimulating job market, it also puts some challenges before the existing IT professionals in a company. Here are some tips to meet them head on –

  • Hone your employees’ assessment skills

If you need third party vendors to help you reach for the cloud, start training them on how to asses vendors, and understand how their services will bring value to your business.

  • Train to act as System integrators

If you have already reached the cloud, you still need internal tweaking to ensure that modern cloud resources integrate well with the installed in-house resources at the company, and you are able to comfortably move data around.

  • If not a CEO, train to think like a CEO

Cloud computing not only brings in cool technology implementations at your firm, but also responds adversely to slow reflexes from IT professionals and their lack-of-business acumen. Train your employees to be proactive to changing ‘cloud-induced’ environments

  • Help get Certification

Though your employees can learn about Cloud computing via websites, blogs, journals and case studies, certification courses are also available from cloud vendors (Google, Amazon, Salesforce etc).

  • Working as an internal service provider

Skilled IT professionals for distributing and tracking resources in cloud computing are always in high demand. Train, monitor and develop their skills and encourage them by rewarding them for their efforts and achievements.

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Author : rramamurthy Date : 27 Apr 2012