STEP training at Suyati

The one month training program at Suyati got over at a sudden pace. I am still unable to realize that the training days are over. I really appreciate the staff and the STEP team for driving this program effectively.

My first day at Suyati was filled with tension and fear, but now I am enjoying the colorful days here. It is quite a new atmosphere for me since I am a fresher.

I was extremely apprehensive about the company and meeting new people and was anxious about what was going to happen. It was a new and strange experience for me to interact with people having rich and heavy experience in the industry.

Once the training started, my nervousness was reduced. I love the atmosphere and feel more comfortable to interact with people now.

All of us enjoyed the training sessions well. All the interactions and sessions we had helped us gain knowledge and learn new skills. Some of our trainers shared their industry experience which provided us more insights. With the lessons learned at Suyati, I hope that we will get more strength to move forward and start our careers with a new energy.

I am grateful to everyone at Suyati for supporting us and giving us this opportunity.

Author : Jithin Sakthan Date : 11 Feb 2016