Suyati Cricket League – Auctions held in great fervor

2017 has begun with a bang at Suyati. The much-awaited Suyati Cricket League (SCL) is all set to hit the third season in a row. As usual, this year too, the SCL auctions happened amidst a huge gathering of enthusiastic Suyatians who cheered up for their favorite teams and players. There was fun, drama, laughter, excitement, and above all true sportsman spirit.


The mart began with the introduction of the team owners- Mukund (Mukund Super Kings), Vincent (Vincent Chargers), Vinod (Kings XI Vinod), and Dama (Dama Daredevils). Managed by the proud management board members of Suyati, all the four teams are gearing up to display their best on the field.

An interesting presentation was shown to the audience during the auction, where each player was introduced to the audience in a fun-filled way. The comments and captions given for some of the players made everyone burst into laughter.

It was quite interesting to see how each team called out their price for the MVPs (Most Valued Players). Now that the teams are set, the captains and vice captains are planning their game tactics to win the coveted SCL championship. Who’s going to kiss the SCL evergreen rolling trophy?


The matches will commence on February 2017. Do not miss the actions. Keep watching this space for more updates from us.

Author : admin Date : 20 Jan 2017