The CEO’s guide to Kissing the Frog

We thought we’d move, for our reader’s sake, from talk of princesses and frogs, to Suyati’s unique outsourcing model. In CEO lingo! Here goes….

Outsourcing traditionally assumes that the flow of resources is one-way, from the vendor to the outsourcer. It also assumes a range of risks which creates operational uncertainty. Suyati’s Dedicated Global Team concept redefines the way you should look at outsourcing.

Suyati works in the space of international strategic outsourcing partnerships, where both firms align their competitive priorities, focus management attention on long-term growth and innovation opportunities, and  target resources to those tasks that each firm does best.

The drivers of risk-sharing and flexibility are mutually considered and negotiated while drawing up partnership agreements. These partnership agreements are long-term, discussed initially, and opportunistically reviewed to allow for long term business model development.

Partnerships with Suyati may take various forms like joint ventures, build-operate-transfer or standard outsourcing. What makes the difference is that profit sharing, mutual contribution and sensitivity to economic vagaries are all taken into consideration so that the flow of resources is two way, against the backdrop of commitment, risk and return associated with each form.

In simpler words (and devoid of funny fairy tale metaphors!) when you outsource to Suyati, our Dedicated Global Team, crafted from scratch as per your requirements, will work by your side towards common objectives. And what do you get? Lesser risk and higher commitment.

Do you think risk can be completely eliminated when outsourcing? Why? Why not?

A Dedicated Global Team for a Self-Publishing Giant in the US

Author : mkrishna Date : 29 Jul 2010