Rekindling Smiles

Thoughts about old-age homes and orphanages always seem to evoke sympathy, pity, and a profound feeling of sadness in us. A visit to the Providence Home in Kacheripadi showed us how misplaced these feelings are!

Suyati, along with Robinhood Army had the privilege to spend this year’s Diwali with some charming old smiles. Here, at Providence Home, we met some amazing story tellers from all walks of life – some tailors, some singers, some teachers… all of who literally had a chest full of stories, memories, and smiles to share.

Rather than being embittered by their seemingly unfortunate circumstances, the people we saw here were leading content existence in a like-minded group, having adapted to this new chapter of their lives. Their frequent smiles were perhaps tinged with the longing they hold in their hearts for familiar faces and voices, but there didn’t seem to be any room for desolation or despair. They had only good things to share, only happy memories to recount, and only positive vibes to spread.

We spent the time playing with them, talking to them, listening to them, and were humbled when they bade us goodbye with prayers and blessings.

We thank Robinhood Army for this amazing opportunity which showed us that before we offer sympathy based on presumption, we should maybe just spread love without any hesitation. This Diwali, rather than diyas and crackers, we were happy to be able to light up these smiles.

Here is something we captured while there. We hope you see how the eyes that smile twinkle with joy, how the hands that clap, also join in prayer, and how they’ve forgiven, accepted, understood and moved on. They ask not for pity, so let’s just offer love. A lot of it.

Author : Bhavya Venugopal Date : 22 Nov 2017