The second edition of “Suyati Futsal League” kicked off this year on 11th August. The auctions were conducted for the team players just before the matches, and that in itself was a pretty exciting event! The auction looked like a match was already in progress with bickering between the team captains to rope in the best players, vociferously backed by their team owners. The captains “bought” the players of their choice on-board after a deftly managed auction by our in-house expert auctioneer, Unni.

This year’s costliest player was Abhishek Upot who was won on a bid of $3100 by MK United.

There were strenuous practice sessions and soon geeky coders and testers were talking about tackling tactics, the managers who run from meeting to meeting were seen running from goalpost to goalpost, and the PMs who plan business strategies were seen charting game strategies. Everyone looked barely recognizable in their jerseys, all booted up, and set to kick some goals.

All of this vigour, excitement, and adrenaline rush led to some fiery action on the HMT Government School Grounds. Fellow Suyatians turned up at the school grounds early in the morning to cheer for their colleagues too. There were many rounds, and the football fever did not die down, but piqued and peaked!

The matches were thrilling, to say the least, and when MK United jubilantly lifted the trophy after the final match, the excitement and fervour of the moment echoed even in the air!

Here is a glimpse into some of the Kodak moments! 

Author : Bhavya Venugopal Date : 13 Nov 2017