Suyati Futsal Gets Off the Ground

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This was the first time in Suyati, a football league was organized. Suyati Futsal 2016 kicked off with lot many registrations from enthusiastic Suyatians ready to participate. Eight days long league shaped up well with awesome nail-biting moments, and trolls released after each match to spice up and pull each other’s legs.


Suyati Futsal 2016 began with the teams bidding for their choicest players. Conducted on 25th July at the Lulu office, teammates in Tapasya could attend the same as we had live streaming of the auction.The four teams are – MK United (captained by Mansoor), Real Vincent (captained by Rijo), FC Vinod (captained by Abhishek), and Atletico De Dama (captained by Pradeep).

For $2500 Ajay emerged as the costliest player in the league. Besides Ajay, team Atletico De Dama emptied their kitty for Vaishak, Telvin, Varun and Dileep. MK United had Sebulu and Jinesh as their two highly paid players. They wisely went for lot many additional players who could play as substitutes. Jaseem, Jadir, Ratheesh and Shibin were the top players of Real Vincent, and the highest picks by FC Vinod were Albin, Vivek, Jijo and Paul.
On the boots, set go

 HMT Ground on 29th July gave way to an exciting start to Suyati Futsal 2016!  Fighting laziness in the morning, we had a fair number of supporters to cheer up the teams.
In the first game, Atletico De Dama team, with their dynamic defense duo – Pradeep and Ajay took on the determined team of FC Vinod. Though both the teams began the game cautiously, very soon aggression took over and FC Vinod’s Ajith Kumar timed it right by passing the ball to Paul Soman who hit the first goal of the match.

Agile FC Vinod rammed through the Iron Defense of Dama to take the first game 1:0

A hard fought victory by the Powerhouse Mukund United over the stylish Real Vincent

The second match was very fiercely contested the same day, between MK United and Real Vincent. Our referee, Ajay was forced to dole out multiple warnings and cautions. Though Shibin, Jaseem and Peter defended their wall well, the star of the game was Mansoor, the captain of MK United who scored both the goals for the team.

On the second day, FC Vinod met against Real Vincent. Both the teams entertained the fans with different defensive techniques, granting no quarter for the other but time played spoil sport, ending the game in a draw.

In the next game Vaishakh with assistance from Pradeep, striked the goal early for Atletico De Dama. Their strong defense manned by Ajay and Telvin persevered through the onslaught and prevailed, claiming the first victory for the Damas in the process.

At the end of two days, FC Vinod was leading with four points, followed by MK United and Damas with three points each and Real Vincent scored just a point for a game that ended in a draw.
Day three, witnessed one of the greatest spectacles in this edition of Futsal as teams came up with counter strategies to defeat opponents. The day began with Atletico De Dama, led by Pradeep taking on Real Vincent, captained by ‘Romeo’ Rijo. Vaisakh and Ajay made a formidable duo, keeping Jose, the goalkeeper of Real Vincent on his toes. But captain Rijo, with a counter strategy lured the enemy offense deep and turned the tables with a long pass and a smart cut to Shyam. Thus, Real Vincent secured their first win in the league.

In the second game MK United met FC Vinod. A well-placed corner kick from Abhilash to Nabeel, who then hammered the ball in against Shijo (goalkeeper) brought the first goal to FC Vinod. Capitalizing on the lead, FC Vinod bolstered their defenses with Albin and Anoop, but Mansoor staged a guerilla attack to beat Sharjeel (the Goalkeeper) to equalize the score in the first half. The second half saw multiple attacks from team FC Vinod. Mansoor and Jinesh gave it back, wreaking havoc and brewing rivalry between the teams. Though there was a confusion regarding the goal hit by Jinesh, referee intervened to sort out the confusion and the decision was in favor of Mukund United, making them the winner.
During the next few days, as it rained, it was more like Mud Futsal fest. Jos, (Real Vincent goalkeeper) was doing a wonderful job holding the fort, but unfortunately as the mud gave way, it cost Real Vincent dearly, and Jinesh hit the goal to win the game for MK.

The second game played between Atletico De Dama and the ‘Playmakers’ FC Vinod saw the fastest goal recorded in Suyati Futsal scored by Nabeel from FC Vinod within 23 seconds the game began. He had another feather in his cap by scoring the second goal for the team.

As part of Futsal Funday there was long kick for males, won by Rijo and dizzy kick champion was Jasmine.

We had ladies in their boots for the penalty kicks

Girls from Atletico De Dama and Real Vincent scored points for their teams


Atlectio De Dama and Real Vincent took on each other and with three goals, former won the third Place in Suyati Futsal League. The finals saw Mukund United baring their fangs against the Stalwart FC Vinod. Mansoor together with teammates, Jinesh, Shamnad, Hrishikesh, Sebulu, Shyamesh and Shijo formed an invincible team. With their outstanding performance, Mukund United, had 6 wins out of the 7 matches they played in this league.

Each one of them proved their mettle by pushing further against all obstacles, be it rain, shine, grueling injuries or fighting morning laziness. Suyatians have shown that there is a Ronaldo, Messi and Ronaldino in every one of us and we know how to have fun!!

Author : admin Date : 12 Aug 2016