Suyati – My Second Home

suyati - step 00
When Revathy ma’am asked us to provide a feedback about our 1st month of STEP training I couldn’t believe that I have completed one month here at Suyati. The time has gone faster than I thought. When I reached back home, I opened a word document and started thinking about the days I spent in Suyati. From the first day to the salary day everything came to my mind as visuals…will you believe if someone says memories can make you laugh n cry at the same time? I wouldn’t have agreed to this until that happened to me.

11th May 2015, the unforgettable day in my life. The day I found my second home [now after completing one month in Suyati, this is what I feel like saying rather than ‘I joined Suyati’. I came to Suyati with a lot of expectations, assumptions and fears. My head was filled with advice and information that I got from my friends and relatives who are working in the IT industry. But in the first week itself I found that what they told are not true in the case of Suyati.

Will briefly explain what my expectations were and what the actual happenings were.

Will start from the security in front door:-

Expected Result

All the security persons in an IT company will be very strict and they will not smile at people. When we come to office in the morning and see their face we will think that we did something wrong to them. Same with the cleaning staff also. There will not be a day in your life without them shouting at you for entering office when they are cleaning the floor. You cannot see them happy.

Actual Result

In Suyati, All the security persons are very active and friendly. The way they welcome us in the morning with a greeting is more than enough to start a good day. I should mention the effort they are taking to open the door with their id card each and every time we come across the door. Still no complaint from them. Same from the cleaning staff also. The way our cleaning staff manages our office is awesome. We didn’t see them shouting at us after messing up the pantry room during our breaks. This is what makes Suyati special. Everyone is doing their job and we have no complaints.

suyati - step 01

Expected Result

All the officers will be very strict, From your   CEO to team lead. The way they behave will make you cry most of the times. And the same from co-workers. No one will consider your thoughts and feelings.

Actual Result

In Suyati, One thing I noticed was the way people treat each other. They respect, they care n most of all they treat everyone as a team. Do you imagine a CEO coming to say ‘hi’ to a trainee when he sees the trainee? I think this happens only in Suyati. In Suyati, We are One.suyati - step 2

Expected Result

You cannot find friends in office. All of them consider each other as only a co-worker.

Actual Result

In Suyati, One thing I consider as my greatest blessing is my friends, my co trainees. We are a set of similar minded people. We have no egos, no selfishness. We are ready to help each other anytime. I should mention the way CS students helps EC students to complete their work during the practical sessions. For us Suyati is a place that welcomes and respects friendship.suyati - step 3

Expected Result

No activities, no celebrations no fun @ office. Only Work! Work! Work!    

Actual Result

Still remember the SoCXO release function happened in office. What a Celebration it was! Being in Suyati is absolute fun!

suyati - step 4

suyati - step 5

During the STEP program, many people came n took classes for us. All of them were ready to explain a topic again n again if we didn’t understand it. They treated us part of their team and made us comfortable and that helped us to ask doubts that we are never able to ask in college. Special mention should be given to Mr.Jijo and Mr.Shijil for taking the trouble to explain object oriented concepts to us. Now when we see an Audi car rather than looking its elegance we will think that whether it belongs to class or object. That is the change they made in us!

Soft skills classes were really helpful in developing our language skills. For me soft skill classes were like sitting at home n chatting with mom n friends but the only difference is that our medium of communication was English. We had absolute freedom to explore our skills and thoughts in that class. Special thanks to Revathy ma’am and Nina ma’am for this.

Not forgetting to mention the project management team for sharing their knowledge with us. Likewise Data structure, JavaScript, Jquery, Coding Best practice, Database, HTML and IT team…Thank you all for helping us to understand the concepts.

I am not sure how many IT companies will provide a training program like this and I am really fortunate to part of this program. I thank team Suyati for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. I am proud to be a Suyatian!!

Suyati Special!!

Special moments from our one month Suyati life.

suyati - step 6

We are absolutely in love with the coffee machine in Suyati. Cannot imagine a break with out it. Most of the time we start the day [and sometimes end the day too] with this coffee machine.

suyati - step 7                                             


Our small parties @ chicking!!




suyati - step 8

Our second love @ Suyati!! From the people who were not aware of the full form of TT now most of us are brilliant TT players.

suyati - step 9




The way we wait for functions to happen at Suyati to get snacks!!

suyati - step 10

Few suggestions…

Here I am put forwarding some suggestions which I felt we need to implement. The first three are about Suyati STEP and remaining is in general.

Add more practical sessions in schedule

As we are from different backgrounds [CS, EC] the ability to understand the concept is not same for all the students. Especially, the programming concepts. Though the OOPS section had enough practical time, that is not same for all the other sessions. Our trainers tried their best to make us understand the concepts. But for subjects like DS, DB etc in order to understand the concepts clearly more practical sessions needed. So it will be good if you can add more practical sessions for these kinds of subjects when you make schedule for next batch students.

Need tea break

In our schedule actually we don’t have tea breaks. But our kind hearted trainers used to give us small breaks. So it will be good if you can add 5 minute tea break in between the long evening sessions when you make next schedule.

Distribute study materials

In HTML sessions we were given small cards which have written points in it. It will be good if Suyati can provide these kinds of short notes/study materials for other subjects also. It will help the students to remember the points easily.

Request for transportation

After the training classes it is difficult for us to find a bus to reach home. Most of the days we need to depend on autos for reaching home n the way all of us sit in auto is something like in the below picture. As I am staying near to info park it is not affecting me but most of my friends reach home late night and it makes them extremely tired and pulls back from practicing the sessions taught in class. It will be helpful if Suyati can arrange transportation to us and of course we are not expecting it to our home gate, at least till a common bus point where we can get buses easily. Hope one day this dream will come true!suyati - step 11

A better place for library

We don’t have a proper place to sit and read books. Usually people sit and read books in pantry room which will be crowded most of the time. It will be good if Suyati can provide a proper place to read books.

suyati - step 12

What I like most in Suyati is that it never changed me as a person. People say that when they started working for a company, it changed their character. That doesn’t happen to me. In Suyati we believe in improving the character but not changing it. Suyati provides me an opportunity to be creative. After joining here my confidence and determination has increased. So for me Suyati is like a home away from home…in other words A SECOND HOME!!!

Now, when we are completing one month in Suyati this is what we are saying:-suyati - step 13

Author : Soumya P S Date : 26 Jun 2015