"Suyati n Me"

Dream. Dare. Do – that is Suyati’s work principle in a nutshell.

Jeena Maggi JamesI have entered an entirely new and different phase of my life – my first job. As I have always aspired for a job and dreamed about it, this place is special to me. This is not just because this is my first job, but there are things that makes me happy being in Suyati.

My first day at Suyati was like a kid on his first day at school – I had butterflies in my stomach (I still have). Here everything was new to me- people, place, and surroundings. It is two weeks since I have become a part of Suyati Family. But the best thing about this place is that right from day one you are treated as an important member of this family and will never feel left out.

Like I said there is no question of getting confused or being left alone in this place. Your first day at the office starts with a buddy beside you (usually your colleague) to make yourself familiar with this place. It is your buddy’s duty to introduce you to every single person of the family right from the CEO to the last grade staff and to make you understand the nook and corner of the office as well.

Another good thing about the company is that “Your boss is always right” principle is not followed! Here everyone gets an equal chance to express their views and opinions. I have always seen the CEO with a smile on his face and who always stops by and ask how you are (no matter whether you are a senior person or a trainee). This was way beyond my perception of a boss and maybe this is one unique quality that makes Suyati special.

What prompted me to write this were the two mails which caught my attention yesterday. One was by a Senior Architect who worked for Suyati for 3 years and left the company, and other was by a prospective candidate who could not join the family. It surprised me to know that both of them mentioned that they (will) miss Suyati.

Their words were something like this: “It is two weeks since I left Suyati. I have joined my new company and have got sufficient work to do. But I miss being in Suyati-the people, the work environment.” (Senior Architect- 3 years with Suyati).

“I just wished to say thanks for considering me and reconsidering my candidature for the opportunity with Suyati. With our interaction I could very well make out that Suyati has a HR in real sense who could make people as asset and view them asset. Hope our relationship will stay good. I will surely call you up for an opportunity to work with you when I make up my mind for this, even if I lost it this time.”(Candidate who could not join).

Even though it is too early to give an exact opinion about this place, I always felt that Suyati carries a positive vibe in herself. I could feel that positivity and enthusiasm among the people from the day I came here for industrial visit (during my 1st year of College). After coming here, I could really sense it among people I met and teams I interacted.

It also feels good when you are part of such a vibrant team. I believe that I can also contribute to my team. I dream about a job where I can be myself and put my best in whatever things I do. I believe Suyati will teach me to become a professional in life and a better human being.

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