Suyati Step – A new journey to my Dream

Yes, I started my new journey at Suyati. This is what I am feeling now rather than saying I joined Suyati. I cannot say enough on how much the Suyati STEP program influenced me in transforming to a professional.

MidhunAll the sessions in STEP were really informative. Especially the Object oriented programming classes. Jijo and Shijil are the best trainers I have ever seen in my life. As I was from EC background, in the initial classes, it was difficult for me to follow the concepts but my trainers tried their best to make us understand the concepts. They were ready to clear our doubts any time. The soft skills classes helped me to improve my communication skills.

Another important thing which I want to mention is about my friends. I have got 13 new friends in Suyati.

Now when I am stepping forward in my professional life I am sure that Suyati STEP will be the founding stone in that.


In the STEP program we had too many technical sessions in the same day. So it was difficult for us to follow the concepts clearly. So, it will be good if you can decrease the no: of sessions per day.

Author : Midhun Murali Date : 03 Jul 2015