Suyati Step- New Phase of My Life!!!

Started new phase of my life with Suyati.It was a sudden transformation from 18 years of student life to a professional life and now am happy that I started with Suyati.

The first interesting thing I found in Suyati is their STEP program. After completing the one month of STEP Program, I found so many facts. I found that the theories I mugged up during my college days were not just to memorize, Suyati made me to realize that they were interesting concepts that I could use in my entire professional life. STEP program helped me to give a good foundation by covering all the basic concepts. My trainers at suyati were awesome!!! They are always there to help us any time and share their knowledge without any weariness.

Suyati also helped me overcome so many doubts I had Hashmiin my college days about an IT Industry.

The environment, my friends, other people over here and specially the pantry  makes me to wish to stay here forever.


Author : Hashmy Hassan Date : 26 Jun 2015