Suyati STEP Program-Transforming into a Professional

Soumi Ravindran

I have successfully completed one month of the Suyati STEP program. I would like to tell everyone about this one month of the program. STEP is a training program which is conducted by Suyati Technologies. We were the third batch. It provided us a great opportunity for learning and improving our skills. There were classes on OOPS, Data structure, HTML, Soft skills etc. which proved to be very useful.

When I joined Suyati, I really wasn’t confident of my skills in computer science, even after having spent 4 years of my life for a B.Tech degree. This is because we learnt theory at college but the STEP program were more focused on practical sessions. In my opinion, I learnt more stuff, gained more knowledge with better clarity and became more passionate about this field in the one month of my time here. The environment is very conducive for learning and if one performs all the assignments and other related tasks with diligence, I am sure we can become very confident and upgrade our skills to the next level in a very short period of time.

Individual performance monitoring done by the team helps to understand the difficulties of each and every individual. Feedback given to us after every question was really motivating and made us realize our mistakes and improve our attitude to learn and work harder. The sessions taken by efficient trainers were excellent. The infrastructure is very well furnished and very student friendly. Finally, there were assessment for each session to assess ourselves, and to realize which all areas we need to focus more.

It was an excellent program for freshers. I’m excited in becoming a part of Suyati team and I am eager to make a positive contribution to the company.

Author : Soumi Ravindran Date : 26 Jun 2015