Suyati’s super women celebrate the elegance of womanhood


“How do you feel being a woman?” This was the first question that Revathi Krishna (our Chief Content Officer and Director- Strategy & Marketing) asked us when we kick-started the International Women’s Day celebrations on March 8th. From the moment a girl is born, she is taught to live with fear, guilt, and inhibition. It is time to shatter all such notions today, as women are daring to enter and contribute towards all walks of life- social, economic, political, scientific, and numerous other facets. Their contribution towards societal advancement is inevitable and unquestionable.    

It was an awesome post-lunch time when all the gorgeous women of Suyati took time off work to gather at one place and celebrate the elegance of womanhood with a thunderous show. In a time when the assaults and atrocities against women are increasing, the sessions conducted during the Women’s Day gave us lot of confidence, positivity, and capability to become self-reliant. The personality development session conducted by Ms. Tanya Abraham of Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi and the Meditation session taken by Ms. Sherine Deepak, Sherine Vimi Innovative Solutions made everyone think about the significance of having a “me-time”. It also made every woman of Suyati realize how they need to work hard towards accomplishing their dreams and the ways to reach their goals.

The highlight of the day was a Zumba dance session, which went for more than an hour when most of us shook our legs after a long time. Believe me, it was a rigorous workout that burnt heavy calories! Four prominent and established trainers from Vivafit, Kochi guided the ladies on managing their moves to the Bollywood numbers played in the background.

For the super women of Suyati it was a day of rejuvenation and self-realization, that rigs us to dream, dare and do! Checkout some of the cool snaps to know how the ladies had fun on the day.

women of Suyati

Live, Love, Play- The empowered women of Suyati


Revathi and Priya spotted with Tanya, the brain behind Kashi Art Gallery


The Zumba instructors from Vivafit, Kochi prepping the audience


Getting ready for Zumba


We’re selfie maniacs


Sherine Deepak briefs about maintaining a balanced lifestyle

A few words about the special guests who honored us with their esteemed presence on the International Women’s Day Celebrations: 

Ms. Tanya Abraham is a chief art curator at the Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi and is also an established freelance writer, author and NGO founder. She has worked with the Times of India as an Editor and is also associated with some of the leading publications. Tanya holds a Masters degree in Journalism from the London School of Journalism and Master of Arts in Arts Administration from the University of Kentucky.

Ms. Sherine Deepak is one of the founders of Sherine Vimi Innovative Solutions, Kochi, that conducts personality development classes by combining the power of yoga, meditation, neuro-linguistic programming, and hypnotism. Sherine is extremely well-versed in all these areas and is ambitious to help people realize their goals as a trainer. She has tried her hands at diverse subjects- from English literature to Law to Psychology.

Author : admin Date : 10 Mar 2017