Suyati’s CEO at the 7th Indo-German ICT Conference, Cologne – Germany

NASSCOM and BITKOM are jointly organizing the 7th Indo-German ICT Conference in Cologne, Germany on the 9th and 10th of June. Titled “New Realities in the GLOBALIZED World”, this conference focuses on increasing Indo-German collaboration in business, especially for ICT companies.

Heinz-Paul Bonn, Vice President of BITKOM: “It is my sincere belief that the conference-related activities will furthermore contribute to a common understanding of the chances, challenges and opportunities facing our industry and help the development of a tight network of contacts and common undertakings. In this conference, we would like to discuss what challenges companies from our both countries are faced within the globalized world and how they impact and shape new globalized value-chains.”

With renowned speakers from IBM, Lufthansa, Reliance Industries (Europe), DHL, Bayer Healthcare and Aerospace Center, this conference aims to understand cultural differences, legal compliances, and other barriers to collaboration, and facilitate mutual understanding between Indian and German businesses.

Suyati’s CEO Mukund Krishna is part of the panel discussion titled “SME – How can Indian and German medium companies cooperate?” Moderated by BITKOM’s Vice President, this discussion will focus on the challenges and opportunities faced by IT and Technology SMEs, especially in the Automotive industry.

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If you want more details on how Suyati’s Dedicated Global Team model helps small and medium businesses extend their IT team profitably, with lower risk and higher transparency, visit us at or meet our CEO at the 7th Indo-German ICT conference in Cologne.

Mukund Krishna is an internationally seasoned entrepreneurial leader focused on business bottom-line with hands-on experience in delivering global Information Technology (IT) solutions.

With more than 18 years of professional experience (including 14 years in the United States), Mukund has directly managed people and relationships across continents to deliver flagship projects for Fortune 500 companies like GM, Ford, Daimler Chrysler, DTE energy. His solid educational background, with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in Finance, gives him an in-depth understanding about businesses.

Mukund Krishna started Suyati Technologies in April 2009, and has successfully built a scalable multi-client software services organization in just two years. Suyati provides a transparent-cost and risk-sharing model for IT sourced services to small and medium businesses all over the world.

Author : rramamurthy Date : 09 Jun 2011