SuyatiSTEP 2K14 – "Transformation into an IT Professional”

The SuyatiSTEP was a training program for freshers. It was conducted by Suyati Technologies from May 5th. It was a 1-month program which included all fields of work spanning from technical sessions (Data Base, Data Structure, Oops, HTML…) to soft skills, marketing sessions. The SuyatiSTEP has been an eye opener into the field of software technology. It has provided the right platform to build our career.

The program started off with a small introduction to the SuyatiSTEP program followed by a session on Oops concept. As an EC guy, I felt it would be very difficult to cope up with Oops concept but that was handled to perfection by Jijo and team. They gave an insight into oops concepts.

The coding convention session made us understand the necessity to follow a coding standard. The data structure session was good and they provided some practical sessions. The BA session was quite interactive and interesting. The soft skills session is always a welcome change from all the technical and management stuff.

The database classes were not basic though. High level concepts of DB were taken up and it was difficult to grasp, but the class by Julie helped in building a platform in DB.

The HTML and css sessions by Deepak and Kishore were interesting and they gave us hands-on sessions which provided better understanding into these concepts.

The sessions on JQuery were taken up well by Nooriya. She talked about the necessities of using JQuery and explained the basic functions used in JQuery.

There was a small session on salesforce and it was taken up by Abhishek and Deepak. They gave an insight to salesforce and it was quite interesting and informative. The session encouraged many of us to take up salesforce. They talked about the importance of salesforce in this fast paced environment.

Overall I feel that the SuyatiSTEP program has transformed me into an IT professional. I feel proud to be a part of the Suyati family.

Author : Joel Johnson Date : 14 Jul 2014