SuyatiSTEP Program at Suyati: A Transformation

It’s been just over a month at Suyati Technologies and I already feel transformed into a real IT professional. Everything about Suyati is simply awesome – the training, the professionals, the pantry, you name it. The readers of this blog might be intrigued about how does just one month of training transform the mindset of a person. Just sit back and enjoy a brief tour at Suyati Technologies Pvt. Limited.

The first day of a job can be pretty nervous. You see lot of new faces, new systems, you try to make a good first impression in front of everyone you see: even if that person doesn’t work there! The only relaxing thing is that you see 11 other trainees like you who have absolutely no idea what’s going on. Things got worse when the HR guys gave us a schedule of our training class for 1 month. Felt like I was back at school. But, on the contrary, when the classes started, it was a huge relief to see how friendly the professionals were. You don’t have to address them “sir” or “madam”. You can ask them any doubt any time and they will more than happy to help you. The classes are great; it’s a perfect blend of knowledge and fun.

The DOT NET classes by Jijo and team just revolutionizes your thinking about OOPs and I think the team is the funniest I have ever met. HTML5 session by Deepak is a hand on experience on the technology. Deepak is the only Salesforce MVP at Infopark Kochi. He doesn’t smile much but is a great guy. The first session on Database by Peter was a nightmare for us! He showed us some high level software and we were drowsing even before we knew it. But the later classes were cool, as they came down to our level. Actually it was the first time, a full-fledged training was happening at Suyati. We also had other sessions like Quality Assurance (QA) by Rijo and team, Business Analyst(BA) classes by Praveen and team in which we are literally flying aeroplanes all the time!(It’s actually a part of the training) and Soft skills by Subin and Revathi which covered social media networking and blogging.

It’s not just sessions all day long day long. The rest of the trainees are really cool. It’s like all of us share similar interests. The Pantry is where we have most fun. There’s free tea, coffee and biscuits out there and if it’s someone’s birthday or house-warming we get ‘laddoos’ and ‘samosas’. After the work you are free to play caroms, chess or table tennis; turns out that the CEO Mr. Mukund Krishna is a really good TT player. I mean we were struggling to win a point against him. He’s an amazing person with a really good sense of humor.

At the end of day, you see a smile in the face of every Suyatian. So the tag line is Suyati is a place where people are given flexibility to do their work, they enjoy their work and share it with the rest of the world; because at the end of the day sharing is what makes a person happy.

Author : Aditya Mohandasan Date : 14 Aug 2014