Taking the Supply Chain Management to the Cloud

Business Automation today focuses not only on Intra Organizational, but also on Inter Organizational Processes. One of the key areas in almost all major manufacturing industries like automobiles, heavy engineering goods, manufacturing, and retail is Supply Chain Management. Cloud computing, as the latest in disruptive technology, has begun to show its potential in this sector too.

Below points shed light on how cloud computing can help enhance supply chain management for your business:

Central Integration:

A central platform for dispersed suppliers across the globe to communicate with the manufacturer is essential, and cloud computing provides exactly that. It also allows for standardization of business process to follow a common Supply Chain language during business transactions so as to avoid organizational truffles.


Smarter business collaboration with partners also requires a high degree of security measures to ensure financial transaction data as well as key business data are well contained so that the information does not fall into the wrong hands. Cloud computing spins an effective web to prevent such a security flaw.

Cost Effective:

Deploying your own Data Centers and Virtualization schemes as well as developing internet based tools to monitor supply chain is definitely going to burn a hole in your pocket. Cloud computing provides a means to eliminate the need to develop software tools on your own. Vendors provide ready SaaS based applications that you can use instead. You can also opt for storage on the cloud thereby reducing hardware costs as well.

Reduces the need for Physical presence:

Since Cloud Computing takes you virtually to your partners as everyone is connected to a single service, there is no need for physical presence of a company representative at all partner or supplier locations.

The Cloud as a Service model can thus benefit Supply Chain Management widely. If you would like to enjoy the benefits of this model for your business, feel free to drop by at Suyati Technologies. Our experts are on the ready to help you build cloud-based solutions that cover your business processes.




Author : admin Date : 10 Oct 2012