Technology is dead. Long live technology

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity

Albert Einstein

Out with the old and in with the new. Every New Year businesses spend time and money to hunt down technology that no longer works, throw it away, and bring in new (and better sounding) ones that can help them become faster, quicker, cheaper, and richer. So what is the new technology that businesses will be adopting in droves in the coming years?

Forrester has the answers – the top 3 technology in the coming 3 years will be Business Intelligence, Mobile Apps, and Application platforms. Related to the adoption of these three technologies will be increased reliance on data analytics tools, creation and migration of applications to the cloud, and providing complete IT support for personal devices. And according to Gartner, here are some key technology changes you need to watch out for in an office near you:

  • Microsoft will no longer have the lion’s share of client platforms as tablet shipments become 50% of total laptop shipments by 2015. Implication for IT: Multi-platform (Microsoft, Android, Apple) and multi-device (PC, Tablet, Mobile, Laptop) support.
  • Marketplace of enterprise apps created for specific demands of business users. Implication for IT: increased security risks and privacy concerns as downloading and using business apps on personal devices become the norm
  • Cloud computing will become a priority as enterprises migrate mission-critical business apps to the cloud. Implication for IT: Hiring or training employees with skills to manage the new apps without having to ‘rightsize’.

Hmm, whatever happened to the good old plan of just waiting out the wave (and hype) of new technologies? Nope, says business leaders as they grasp at whatever new technology that comes along. As long as it can help them reduce cost and increase productivity, all technology is welcomed into their offices, and the IT team is sent scurrying around to hire personnel and/or vendors to help implement them immediately.

At Suyati, we believe that any technology that helps generate revenue, and improves profitability, needs to be identified, understood, implemented, and managed. Whether the technology involves the enterprise ( or your marketing team (Ektron CMS), Suyati core expertise is in delivering technology projects, on time and budget.  It’s time to ring out the old and welcome the new.


Author : admin Date : 13 Jan 2012