The Challenging Role of the CIO–Part 2

Customer satisfaction.  Experience management.  Effective communication. Sounds familiar? Surprisingly these phrases do not come from a Chief Sales Officer’s job description. It is part of the Chief Information Officer’s new role in today’s business organization.

In the first part of our blog on the Changing role of the CIO, we  saw how CIOs, who once thought only about technology and project delivery, are now thinking about how that technology can be used to connect to customers, and how it will render value to the entire business.  And as a natural extension of this change, is the change in the CIO’s personality.

Gone is the need for CIOs to define success based on technical metrics. And the need to focus on infrastructure and applications only. The new CIO is more of a sales and customer service professional who needs to anticipate where the business is going, and get there using technology. As the focus changes to include business needs and market conditions, the CIO has to transform himself from an “execute project” mode to “anticipate market needs, plan for business to meet them in the shortest time possible, understand customer sentiments, deliver quickly, and manage a team of IT and non-IT professionals”.

Are you getting ready to be the new CIO? Do you have the best team in place to execute your vision? Do you have the right mix of professionals (IT and non-IT) to implement your business needs? Do you know Suyati’s Dedicated Global Team model for IT outsourcing offers on-time delivery, a transparent cost structure, competent project and process management, low risk, greater flexibility, and economical completion of time bound projects. In fact, a perfect partner for your new role as today’s CIO.

We’re listening.

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Author : rramamurthy Date : 23 Nov 2011