Life at Suyati – the first 30 days

Straight out of my ‘Gelf’ schooling, I took the IT Field. The thing of the future and like most Indians believe, the thing that would grow us from a 0 to a ‘Hero’. Done with that and then it was Post Graduation in Retail and Marketing. The next goal achieved and then started the placements. Big-fish, small-fish, New-fish.. oh my! The list was endless. And then I knocked on the doors of Suyati Technologies.

I definitely wouldn’t say the door to Suyati was a piece of cake! And oh yes, I did sweat through 4 grueling phases. And finally, Vincent sir ushered me in with “Welcome to Suyati Technologies, Evita!
Since then, it has been a month of learning, meetings, team-work, ‘hello-i-am-Evita-from-the-marketing-section’, fun lunch sessions, mentoring, presentations, calls and the most scary part for me – entry into the world of Information Technology, websites, content management systems, Ektron, Salesforce, Sitefinity, Author Solutions! Before I knew it, 30 days flew past and all I can remember now from day 1 was the learning and support that the Suyati team gave me.

A student needs a good teacher and a mentor to grow through the stages and reach a point where issues are given to him/her without a second thought. With mentors and teachers like Anoop and Abhishek, there has been no looking back. From data collection to the stages of partnership with a firm or a technology, to US calls and learning how to use LinkedIn and shares appearing on the SocXo pages, it sure has been a month of sheer hard work.

Not only the home-team at Sales and Marketing, but every other member of the Suyati family, including the very talented Revathi Ma’am and Vincent Sir have been supportive, fun and open. My experience has been very contradictory to the sermons and reprimands that is drilled into students during college: “Wait till you reach the corporate world!!! You’ll know how tough and scary and grueling they are and you’ll be on your own with no support!”

Evita with Joydip and Muktha
I, now part of team Suyati, can proudly say otherwise. I have learnt the value of every minute at work, and how important it is to respect your team’s time. I also feel the need to improve myself, and to maximize every opportunity I come across. My 30 days at Suyati could, in one phrase, sum up to – skill and knowledge improvement.

Looking forward to more learning in my days at Suyati. Especially learning to dance better at the Infopark Dance event! Want to know what happened later? We won the inter-company dance contest! We really did!

Author : Evita Liz Eldhose Date : 23 Oct 2014