The new MS office: What’s really new?

The preview version of Microsoft MS office 2013 has come out guns ablazing. The latest MS office is by far the greatest and the best amongst the IT giant’s office suite versions. It is not just the logo that has changed; equipped with new functionalities and aesthetic features to match, MS office 2013 is all set to take your office experience to a whole new level.

Let us explore the features that MS office 2013 has in store for us. Office 2013 has strived to maintain the look and feel of office 2010 up to a certain level. It has however created a cleaner layout with more white space to enhance large screens and tablet experience and to make the suite more touch screen friendly. The general layout and the ribbon of menu options have been carried forward to the latest version. The suite interface has been given a metro look with attractive flat tiles indicating various commands.

MS office has been incorporated with quicker reading, writing, sharing and editing facilities. Fast functionality and quick response time is definitely an important aspect of office 2013. The suite will be compatible with 32 and 64 bit versions of windows 7 and 8, making it adept for both traditional and touch screen devices.

The Unique Selling Point (USP) of office 2013 is the adoption of the cloud. Office 2013 integrates its users with its cloud service Skydrive. This feature allows users to upload content onto their personal clouds, which can then be accessed from any location. The integration of cloud services to Microsoft’s predominantly used suite can be a big blow to other cloud based service providers like Google and drop box. What’s more, with the purchase of Office 2013, users will be allocated 20 GB free space in Skydrive that would be accessible through their windows live account. The synchronization feature which automatically connects Skydrive, SharePoint and local drives, from where office is run, to Microsoft’s cloud, will help users work with their personal settings on any work station.

Another feather in MS offices 2013’s cap is the integration of social media and mobile devices to user’s office experience. It has enhanced its social media presence by the acquisition of Skype, Yammer and by collaborating with Linkedin. MS Outlook stands to benefit the most from the linkedin connection as it now allows mails to be streamlined and users to be provided with extensive information about a sender.

In addition to all this, Word, PowerPoint and Excel have also been equipped with better features. PDF’s can now be edited using word, a “read mode” has been introduced and embedding of videos has been made easier. Excel has been revamped with predictive text features, a “quick analysis lens” and of course attractive spreadsheets and plenty of charts. The addition of attractive features has been consistent across all MS office applications.

With exciting new features, mobility, and the integration of cloud services and social media to an already flamboyant suite, Microsoft’s MS office 2013 is all set to redefine office suite functionality.

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Author : admin Date : 13 Aug 2012