The Top 10 Wish-list for iOS9

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Not even a few months into iOS8, and the wish-list for iOS9, expected to be launched this fall, is being made.  As always with newer versions, a lot of enhancement of existing features and the addition of new, improved and better features over the previous version are expected.  Before we look into what could be a dream composition in the new OS codenamed Monarch, let’s also hear what the rumor mills whisper about what could possibly be in store.

  1. Better performance and stability: While most updated versions of Apple work smoothly with upgraded devices, users using a lower grade device face the inevitable issue of the phone/tablet slacking in terms of speed.  The space consuming newer upgrades are a huge deterrent to optimum performance, and we hear that Apple is trying to overcome this major drawback with iOS9.  Users ideally prefer a smaller file-size to update, unlike iOS8, eliminating the issues of space shortage and speed while upgrading.
  2. Contact status availability: The feature would enable iPhone users to know the current location of their contacts, their phone status (for example: whether on Airplane mode or silent mode) and if they are available for a conversation.
  3. An upgrade of the device version and other variants: Apple generally announces an OS upgrade along with a device upgrade.  Most users do expect a device upgrade this time around too.  An important point to be noted is that most upgraded OS versions do not work with well with devices that lie two or three steps lower on the rung.  The same applies to other variants like the iPad and iPad mini.

Even though it is being rumored that Apple might concentrate only on fixing bugs and giving its users more stability and a faster performance with iOS9 without any path-breaking new features with the new version, it has not led to users reining in their expectations.  Let us look at what exactly people want in the iOS9:

  1. Better parental control: While iOS8 does have a good set of parental controls, these are not exactly user-friendly. Microsoft and Android phones have shown the way in this regard, and iPhone users hope that Apple follows suit in its next OS.
  2. Better Maps: While it is an agreed fact that Apple has been trying to better its map feature, it is nowhere close to Google maps. Users would expect the iOS9 to close the map-gap further. Additionally, users expect this feature to be blended with the public transport direction feature which will add bus, train routes and timings making life easier for commuters.
  3. Home-screen widgets: Apple currently offers extensions to be tucked away in the Notification Screen but widget-lovers cannot argue more about how welcoming it would be to customize/add third-party widgets to the home screen itself.
  4. Change/hide the default: Talking of apps, the default apps seem to cause a fair amount of inconvenience when they sit on your screen adamantly even if not ever used. Users beg to have the option to delete or at least hide these apps when not in use so that much of the screen gets freed up for more necessary ones. Likewise, in case of web-browsers, users could be given the option to change their default browser if they so wish.
  5. Multi-user option: This could be a wonderful added feature that would allow multiple users (for instance members of the same family) to customize their settings with their login and have a personalized experience when they logon to a device. This could well complement the parental control feature too!
  6. More social-media integration: Online presence and sharing on social media channels is gaining more and more traction. Promoting your business or talent over multiple social media channels is important to enjoy that extra edge of visibility.  In such a scenario, it would definitely boost Apple’s popularity if it integrated more media partners.
  7. FaceTime and video messaging: It is surprising to note that Apple’s FaceTime offers conferencing between only two people while its rival Skype or Google hangout offers up to 10 people in a single video call.  Users would definitely like this feature to be tweaked to add more people.  In the same breath, a video messaging feature in case of a missed video chat could be a useful feature.
  8. Improvised Photo App: The selfie generation that prides on phone photography skills demand a better and more user-friendly photo app that would let users select, deselect or even hide pictures from the album easily, as well as delete them from the camera roll without having them erased from the album too.
  9. Empower Siri: Siri is arguably one the most useful features Apple has introduced. This virtual phone assistant lets the user work hands-free and makes the task of finding out information a breeze.  While it is already getting better with “Hey Siri”, tweaking the robotic tone of the voice to sound more human and adding an option to activate Siri even when the device is not charging would delight users.
  10. Battery-save mode: Even the most hard-core Apple fan would agree that the device is a battery guzzler.  A battery-saving mode that would enable the user to switch off data or other power-consuming apps with a simple tap during crucial times would be highly appreciated.

However, all said and done, we’d need to wait until June next to see if the dream check-list would indeed come true!

Author : Uma Chellappa Date : 07 May 2015