The Truth about Dedicated Offshore Development Teams

So you are thinking about augmenting your Product Development efforts with an offshore team? Or maybe you want access to a Dedicated technical team for a few months and do not want to build a team from scratch?

No matter what your reason, DOT (Dedicated Offshore Teams) offer a relatively painless way to kickstart your development efforts without the long-term investments or the business risk. Most dedicated teams also give you quick access to an established IT infrastructure complete with data and network security policies in place so your IP is well protected.

But once you have your offshore development team in place, don’t be too quick to heave a sigh of relief. The truth is that Offshore Development teams need as much TLC as your own team. Continuously. Contrary to what most Offshore Development Companies claim, DOT is not about “Give them the Requirements Doc and they will Build it”. Don’t forget that the offshore team is an extension of your Product Development team. If you want them to build or enhance a world-class product or service, ensure you pick a team that will stay the course with you.

This is where an experienced team like Suyati can help. No matter what your requirement, you need a partner who will work with you to build a highly technical team with the right attitude and communication skills. You also need a DOT Provider to ensure that your IP security is paramount. This is just for starters. You will continue to need flexibility with your DOT as your company grows and/or enters new markets.

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Author : admin Date : 16 Jun 2010