The Ultimate Guide to OpenCart SEO

The Ultimate Guide to OpenCart SEO

Opening additional stores on online websites helps you to acquire a larger portion of the market, allowing your existing online business to grow on a wider range. As this entire process of expansion sounds tedious, OpenCart, the shopping cart software provides you with a multi-store feature and makes this entire task quick, simple, easy and feasible. It can be easily managed by any business man. The highlight of this software is, items can be customized based on different websites, countries and target audiences.


Few highlighted features of OpenCart shopping cart software is as follows:

  • Single admin zone to open multiple OpenCart stores faster
  • The user needs to categorize and add products to the catalog just once
  • The stocks and orders can be managed and tracked from a single area
  • Ability to establish stores that looks similar as well as different through simple steps
  • Usage of same payment gateways for multiple stores


OpenCart SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As monster search engines like Google and Bing are continuously changing, it has become a threat to the other search engine websites, especially online trading. But this is controlled by OpenCart and thus it has become the highest ranked organic search traffic source.

Keyword Search: Keyword Planner, a free tool created by Google can suggest the keywords to be searched. It also shows the number of times the keyword is searched every month. This keyword research and analysis does good for any search engine optimization. The keyword planner is used to make note of the keywords that are appropriate to your website based on the target audience, country, category and products.

Keywords Grouping: The keywords shortlisted from the keyword planner are grouped to form separate webpages that belong to the website. They decide on which page to load based on the categorization of the list of keywords. Care should be taken during this categorization as to avoid different pages being targeted by the same keyword.

Optimization of Webpages: The decision on using shortlisted keywords and leveraging them is as important as shortlisting them.


To get the most significant impact on rankings, keywords are used in five main areas:

  1. Webpage URL: The main keyword needs to be included in the webpage URL. This is made easy as OpenCart allows to target keywords on the URL. It is advisable to keep the URLs simple and easily understandable.
  2. Title Tags: The title tag is used as a ranking factor by most popular search engines. It is important to include a well optimized keyword in the title tag than majority of other elements within a webpage. A title tag is said to be well optimized if it will include the target keywords which also influence the searcher to navigate to the required page from the search results.
  3. Meta Descriptions: The meta description is usually the two lines of black text displayed below each website on the search engine result page. Search engines can display a max of 156 characters. A well written meta description can always attract searchers to click the website. A good meta description typically includes target keywords, unique selling points and call to action.
  4. Header Tags: The Header tags or <h1> tags is hardly any ranking factor but is still worth optimizing. It is always the best practice to keep it simple and use the most important keyword phrase in the header tag.
  5. Page Content: Search engines rely on the page content and the keywords within the content to govern the pertinence. Hence, placing the keyword in the page content is as important as the page content itself to focus on the ranking. The content length, keyword usage and uniqueness of the content is very important when creating any webpage. This will help in maximizing search engine traffic and rankings which is vital for popularity.


Building Link Structure:

The search engine analyzes how webpage is linked to the website. This determines the importance and ranking of the webpage. The link structure in OpenCart SEO is friendly in order to maximize keyword rankings.

Here are few strategies that OpenCart webmasters can use to improve their website structure:

  • Category pages can be included in the main navigation
  • List and create link to related products
  • Display the most relevant products on the homepage
  • Create internal links from articles and other webpages

OpenCart SEO (Search Engine Optimization) thus gives super-fast outputs with the available keyword search and link option. Since the products can be grouped into different categories and each product is given weightage as – the most relevant, related or customized search, OpenCart SEO gives its user a better search engine navigation experience.


Author : Letterbug Date : 04 Aug 2016