"They call me hurdle #3 :-)"

Dream. Dare. Do – that is Suyati’s work principle in a nutshell.

KishoreForget working at Suyati, if you told me three years ago that I’ll be living in Kerala, I would have considered you to be either insane, or an extreme sadist. I’d just returned from USA, where I was the Lead Architect for a project at the State Government’s Department of Automotive Bureau. I designed and implemented a consumer assistance program to help upgrade vehicles that failed smog checks. I was taking it easy, mulling over what to do next.

This was when I got a call from Suyati. Naturally, I said no. They were persistent and asked me to visit before making a decision. Considering the holiday mood I was in, I agreed. Flying into Cochin, the rich green canopy struck the first blow. Kerala 1: Me 0. I hate Tier 1 cities and Cochin was definitely Tier 2. So, Kerala 2: Me 0. Suyati was a pleasant surprise – highly knowledgeable people and decent in Hindi too! Now the scores were moving fast. Kerala 4: Me 0. But what struck the biggest blow, was the depth and width of technology used here – unbelievable for a company of just 20 then.

Of course, it would not do to accept defeat so easily. So, while I acted bored, they asked me to interview a new candidate – even before I got my offer letter. That was when the final whistle blew!

Little did I know that this would set the precedent for my three years at Suyati. I’m the person who conducts the third and final round of the legendary Suyati interview. I’m part of the reason the selection process is so rigorous. Because technical skills can be taught, but attitude cannot. Selecting people with the right ‘fit’ for Suyati is the #1 reason we’ve grown to 75+ now.

About life in Kerala – it’s clean, green and unpolluted. There’re lots of wonderful places to travel to, be it for culture, scenic beauty or adventure. The people are warm and friendly. And for me, commuting takes just 15 minutes. Some of the many reasons why I’ve spent three years here, and look set for many more.

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Abhishek S (4 years ago)

What a wonderful journey:) It feels like we traveled along with you reading the blog :)

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