Things are Agile Here – SuyatiSTEP

I got a chance to attend the ‘SuyatiSTEP’ program conducted by Suyati Technologies as a part of my training at Suyati. The only knowledge I had about software industry was my curriculum project. But people out here just introduced me to a new world of IT. The program really gave me an overview of what happens in a project lifecycle, taught me about different roles like Business Analyst, QA, etc. about whom I have never heard of till now. It was my dream to become a software engineer and I am really glad that I got this chance to know all about the IT industry. I must say I really wanted a training like this. I met so many awesome people here, the trainers we met here were that much passionate and dynamic people. They were very friendly so that we could learn what we want from them.

Above all I could able to feel the culture that Suyati is following here. It was like they want us to learn more and be sharp in areas we are interested. I really liked Suyati’s attitude that let trainees to select the stream we want. I have never heard of such a criteria in any other companies. Suyati taught me to be very much passionate about technology, to become curious and to become a good professional. In total ‘SuyatiSTEP’ was a milestone for me to transform into an IT professional.

Author : Ajesh Mohan Date : 22 Aug 2014