Top 10 Must Reads for Salesforce Developers

The life of a Salesforce developer can be as stressful as it is exciting. The day is full of unexpected challenges. These challenges vary from developing CRM strategies to delivery of and client coordination. It may sound clichéd, but no two days will be the same. Staying on top of the game is crucial, and so is keeping one’s cool.

Top 10 must reads for Salesforce enthusiasts
There’s nothing like a good read for both; which is why we have listed  below some books that every Salesforce developer must read to gain insight, achieve proficiency and stay calm and focused. The list includes books, workbooks, Cheat Sheets, and tutorials for cloud computing. It also includes lighter reads that developers can take to bed and relax.

1. Fundamentals: Custom Application Development in the Cloud by
The book introduces the reader to Force platform and leads him through the software. The book is a walk through the recruiting application. It includes design, creation, and modification of objects as well as user interface. The book is available in HTML and PDF format to members of Developerforce. It is also available in hard copy and can be purchased online. The book is available in French, German, Portuguese and Spanish, apart from English.

2. Salesforce1 Mobile App Developer Guide – Salesforce Developers Press
You can learn to build mobile applications for the Salesforce1 platform using this guide. The Salesforce1 Platform combines, Heroku, and ExactTarget Fuel into one API of mobile, social and cloud services. Mobile apps are the future of contemporary business. The guide facilitates application building and testing with delivery within a few weeks or even days. Using this guide opens the doors for developers to build and create new apps. The guide is available online in HTML and PDF formats.

3. Visualforce in Practice by Michael Floyd, Don Robins, Dan Appleman, et al. (Salesforce Developers Press)
This book is based on the experience of Salesforce developers and walks the reader through the world of User Interface. Real-world examples that have been developed and deployed are used to enhance the understanding of the reader. The book gives the reader an opportunity to learn from experienced developers and build & deploy their own application. The book is available as a downloadable PDF file.

4. 55 Ways to Have Fun With Google | by Philipp Lenssen
As a developer, hardly a day may pass without using Google. Did you know Google has much more than search, track, and share? There are a number of games, cartoons, stories, and many more oddities that you can have fun with. The book 55 Ways to Have Fun With Google by Philipp Lanssen, the author of Google Blogoscoped, gives you some tips on how to make Googling fun.

5. Mobile SDK Development Guide by Richard Whitley, et al. (Salesforce Developers Press)
This book by Richard Whitley is a must have for the next generation developers who wish to make their niche in Salesforce development. Whitely says in the preface of the book, “Mobile applications require new architectures and software designs, and they need to run on platforms built for mobile application development and wireless connectivity.” This book is a comprehensive guide to writing mobile apps.

6. Mobile Services in Salesforce Mobile SDK 2.1
This is an open-source collection of technologies like API, REST, and oAuth 2.0. You can use this book to write applications for mobile adaptation. The book supports HTML5 approach, the native mobile approach, and the hybrid approach to programming. The book is made available to those aspiring to learn Salesforce development. Version 3.1 is now available.

7. Developer Certification Handbook (DEV401) by Packt Publishing
Keep this one in your back pocket. This handbook is a guide which will help you to build apps on the go. You can create and manage objects, user interfaces, and automated business processes using workflow techniques. Keep it handy when preparing for your Salesforce Development exam!

8. Managing Humans Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager 2nd Edition By Michael Lopp
This is a collection of essays by Michel Lopp. The book is based on his considerable experience as a manager in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley emerges as a place for highly intelligent but socially dysfunctional individuals. It drives home the importance of distressing after a hard day’s work; particularly work as challenging as that of a programmer or IT project manager. Written in a humorous vein, the book nevertheless provides useful insights into the world of IT business.

9. Salesforce Handbook by Wes Nolte and Jeff Douglas
Another book for your back pocket. This handbook is for the newbies. A step by step guide to building Salesforce apps, the book includes the declarative as well as programming aspects of Salesforce Development.

10. All Kinds of Humor: Jokes, Quips, and Fun Stuff for Many Occasions , Book 2 By Frank Verano
This is a great book to read on your way to a business or team meeting. Full of humorous tales from various fields, the humor lightens not just your own mood but quoting a few anecdotes will help lighten the atmosphere at your meetings and conferences, eliciting a laugh from all.

Other Good Reads
Learning is a continuous process and the more you read the better you will be at your job. Besides the books listed above there is some other literature worth a glance. This includes weekly articles and workbooks. There is also the consolidated but cryptic guide to Salesforce technology called a Cheatsheet, which is a handy tool for Salesforce developers. Finally, if you are aspiring to be a successful Salesforce developer, the more code you write the more you will learn. So happy coding!

Author : admin Date : 25 Mar 2015