Top 10 Web CMS trends for 2017

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  • Nayab Naseer

What are the web content management trends that will stand out in 2017?

Like any other technology, change is the only constant thing in web CMS. As the total WCM market is expected to touch $6.85 billion by 2020, the leading web content management systems are due for some major re-alignment in 2017. The entry of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will rewrite the content management practice and will give way to a radical shift in terms of both technology and business. Advanced personalization, omni-channel presence, and anytime availability will only boost engagements and conversions in the future. 2017 is the year when the content management systems prep to revisit their strategies and techniques to cater to the evolving needs.

This infographic tries to portray the top 10 web CMS trends for 2017.

Top 10 Web CMS trends for 2017

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