Top 6 proprietary CMS


Each Content Management System offers unique features and benefits. Identifying a CMS that is a right fit for your enterprise is vital as it can leave a lasting impact on business. Here we are trying to analyze the features of the top 6 Proprietary CMS against several criteria including market share, ease of use, flexibility, support, customization, cost, and other major factors. Telerik SitefinityExpression EngineKenticoEPiServerSitecore, and EVOQ (DOTNETNUKE) rank among the top 6 proprietary CMS. Apart from being Mobile ready, all six of them have MVC support with Expression Engine being the only one that is hosted on a PHP platform.  As far as customization goes, all six CMS are highly customizable which gives users the ability to create custom modules. We also try to identify some of the advantages of Proprietary CMS that make it a preferred choice for most firms.

This infographic sheds more light on the various characteristics of each CMS and helps you decide the best fit for your business.

Best 6 proprietary Content Management Systems


With its manifold merits, identifying the best CMS for your business holds primary. This Infographic features each CMS on those lines that are specific to your business needs. Better documentation and dedicated support features make Proprietary CMS a favorable choice for many enterprises today. Since Proprietary CMS offer third party setups, there is no need to go and search for talents elsewhere. While ASP.NET is a popular choice of programming in Proprietary CMS scenario, Java closely follows ASP.NET in the race. Proprietary CMS provides paid support, that is, the companies that develop and create the product will also provide support. They also have the rights to authorize their licensed partners in doing so. Source code in Proprietary CMS is mostly intact, and is allowed to be changed only by licensed developers.

Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 14 Sep 2015