Top Ranking Programming Languages of 2016

top programming languages of 2016

IEEE Spectrum Magazine along with data journalist Nick Diakopoulos, has come up with a list of most popular programming languages. This is the third consecutive year that they have come up with this ranking. Spectrum has used 12 metrics as proxies for gauging the current use of a language.

After two years in second place, C has finally topped the ranking followed by Java that takes the second position. Python has swapped places with C++ to take the No. 3 position, and C# has fallen out of the top five to be replaced with R. R is following its momentum from previous years, as part of a positive trend in general for modern big-data languages. PHP, Javascript and Ruby takes the seventh, eighth and ninth places respectively. Google’s Go reaches the tenth position and Apple’s Swift has jumped five positions to the 11th place.  Among the notable gainers were Ladder Logic (programmable logic controllers used in factories) rising five positions to 34th place. Shell programming (language for creating scripts) features among the top losers this year. No new languages entered the rankings this year.

Top Languages of 2016

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Author : admin Date : 28 Jul 2016