VMware announces multiple cloud vendor management solutions

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VMware announces multiple cloud vendor management solutions

VMWare on August 29th, 2016 announced that it is planning to introduce a platform that can help customers manage multiple cloud vendors. This announcement came as part of the VMworld 2016 Conference. A preview of the VMWare Cross-Cloud Architecture was also unveiled during the event. With more and more work being done on the cloud, VMWare’s initiative can definitely cut through the confusion. The cloud and virtualization services provider also says that it plans to extend its wings of virtual IT environments deployed on-premise into the territory of both public and private cloud.

This new operating environment is expected to let customers run and manage their applications across clouds and devices. VMware CEO Patrick Gelsinger says that the new management solution can help an average of eight different cloud providers at any given time. This solution can make organizations imbibe cross-cloud culture easily. Though the key focus on cloud lies with service providers like Amazon, Microsoft and so on, businesses would like to embrace multiple cloud services, at times.

The conference also states that right now 73% of application workloads are still using traditional IT platforms. Considering this rate, by 2021, we can expect that only half of the applications workload will be running on cloud. This counts for about 30% of the total traditional IT platforms which will be moving to public cloud. On an average scale organizations are making use of eight clouds. In the future organizations will increase their demand for availing solutions to manage multiple clouds.

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