VMware and AWS enter into a strategic alliance


VMware and AWS(Amazon Web Services announced on 13th Oct, 2016 that they are entering to a strategic partnership. As part of the alliance, the duo will be launching a vSphere-based cloud service that will run on AWS.

This new feature known as “VMware Cloud on AWS” is expected to get fully operational by mid-2017. The partnership implicitly recognizes that fact that most of the IT businesses are running in different permutations that comprise both public and private cloud environment. Businesses want to run their virtualized applications in such kind of hybrid environments easily, efficiently and cost-effectively.

During the announcement, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said, “As more enterprises move to cloud they want to leverage the investments they have made in on premise software in the cloud.”

Both VMware and AWS will be primary partners offering cloud (AWS) and virtualization (VMware) respectively. Being the market leader in virtualization, VMware was in need of a public cloud offering. So it was natural for them to select AWS. VMware Cloud Foundation, a SDDC platform will be powering the new VMware on Cloud.


VMWare VP Mark Lohmeyer states that the new service will run on dedicated AWS infrastructure built for the purpose. While taking advantage of AWS’ cloud-based services, it will also allow users to access the same vCenter, UIs, or APIs that they need to select in VMware.


Another point of interest is that this news comes after VMware’s announcement to offer multiple cloud vendor management solutions.


Author : admin Date : 14 Oct 2016